Monday, November 3, 2014

The History of Gatavia Province - Dengwur

Not everyone knows the history behind the rule of Dengwur. Dengwur was once a player character in a homebrew game that was set in the world of Baldgarth (our campaign world) around 1215 AY. For those of you who are not "in the know", please find (nearly) the entire story of how it all happened here.

The early names of these places may be confusing. Here is a key to help newer players:
  • Portus Nardo = Portchester
  • Noviodunum = Island of the Dead (see episode 24!)
  • Castra Pullo = Pulchester (Where the Therks are)
  • Aurelius = Orchester (The big city to the South)
  • Quinteri = Cavano (sort of - however we've never been there in this campaign yet)

    1. I could read that last entry again and again. It's tough to destroy a civilization, but so much fun!

    2. It still sticks out as one of the most destructive gaming things I've ever, personally, been a part of.