Friday, December 30, 2011

Dungeon Mapping Idea

Have any of you seen this mapping site? It is pretty easy to generate a simple dungeon pretty quickly. Dave, maybe we all focus on making 5"x5" "geomorphs" similar to those used in this program for use in creating quick and dirty dungeons.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Putting Nigel to Bed

I was just putting Nigel to bed for the campaign winter, and since I should answer to someone, I just wanted to give a quick sketch of what I did with him.

I paid my 5% dues to the Order of Shadows.

1 paid maintence for Nigel, Judas, Wulfgang and my home lackies for January, February and March.

I bought a replacement for my horse (El Destructo) and for Wulgang and Judas' horses.
I replaced the 2 first level scrolls I used on the adventure by scribing new ones.

I re-armed Wulfgang in better gear, re-carded him as "Trusty Wulfgang" and installed him as bailiff of my wooden great hall,.  I bought a bunch of furniture for the great hall too.

I gave Slippery Judas 1500gp.  He spent 1000gp to get 500xp.  He kept 200gp for spending money, and spent 300gp to write 3 first level scrolls (magic missile x2, jump x1).

I hung my pictures of Blastocles and Septimus's mom in my gallery and created a secret spot to store my arsenal of magic weapons (+1 whip, +1 spear, +2 poleaxe), for safe-keeping between adventures.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sci-Fi Mashup

I was reading online over lunch and I came across this post. In it, the author argues that sci-fi games suffer because you can't draw from many sources and make it feel right. I would like to go on record that Dave's "Kingdom of Orion" campaign from 2006 did just that which is why I want to go back to it. He had Jedi and armored troopers fighting off Cylons and Sith. It was awesome!

In retrospect, perhaps it was because he *also* threw in cowboys and indians, along with a healthy dose of feudalism that made for interesting play. Also there were monkeys. So many, many, monkeys. I'm surprised we didn't bring bananas to the game.

For those of you who played the campaign, what was your favorite part of the Knights of Orion?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Next Session

Next game, Sunday January 1st, 4pm.

Remember we will be starting Andrew's "Kings of Orion" Savage Worlds game.

We'll be suspending the Badlands campaign for 6 real months, or so, and for 3 in-game months. I'd ask that you advance your characters through 3 months of expenses (Jan, Feb, March of 1422). If your characters or henchmen can make potions or scrolls, they can spend those winter months on those things. When Kings of Orion ends we'll take up Badlands at April 1422.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Kings of Orion

I'm looking forward to the new Kings of Orion Campaign starting on New Year's Day. I hope to start each session with a in medias res opening, followed by some exposition and bookkeeping, and then turn the session loose as a sandbox. The heroes will have options to spend their "richies" on, and be able to accumulate experience through play of their "Knightly Motivations" as well as their "Dark Secrets". Check out the most recent Player's Guide here.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Return to the Badlands

Regarding Dave's interest in returning to the Badlands campaign following a "Kings of Orion" interlude. I read this interesting article at Gnome Stew about switching between game systems within the same campaign.

Dave, would you be interested in perhaps opening up your world to other campaign possibilities using different game systems in this way in the future? Do you plan on sticking with the current ruleset when we return to the Badlands, or do you plan on doing some rule tweaking? What happens when our PCs get over sixth level and our NPC flunkies start to simply get too weak to make any sort of difference in a battle? Will we have the option to hire more powerful NPCs?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kings of Orion - Preview

A preview of the Kings of Orion Player's Guide is now available on the Lords of Hack server. Please feel free to download and check it out.

If anyone has some Dark Secrets to add, or is interested in helping to build out the Succession of Kings, or has any questions or additions please post a comment here.