Friday, October 19, 2012

Session Log

Back in Mora system, a breakdown in the chain of command causes a near-revolt on the Death Rangers' ships causing many of the hirelings to demand to leave. Those that can't get along with those who were the original finders of the Death Ranger and founders of the exploration group are allowed to leave. However, in an attempt to prevent such a mass exodus again, a movement by the former merchant Roland McGintley convinces all the others to at least appoint a chain of command and perhaps put into place the framework for a corporation to accept investment and pay out to the founders on a regular basis.

Reginald Stuffington is elected to be the chairman of the board of directors, which he appoints. The board is made up of Dorkon T. Hunter, Colonel Gun Lee, Doc Spurlock, and Roland McGintley.

The board then deliberates on whether or not to take over payments of the Festivus or buy Dorkon's stake out altogether. The decision is made to lease the Festivus in three-month periods automatically renewed unless a change is made by one or the other party. The lease will be for the cost of bank payments on that vessel. Should Dorkon decide to leave the venture without at least one month notification in advance, he would forfeit any claim he might have on the Death Rangers venture itself.

The next order for the board is to hire more help to replace the crew who left in frustration with the failure of leadership. Yes Paul, Roland McGintley, Finn Jacobs, Joe Warbler, Doris Starling, Bianca Tool, Sherlock Sweets, Monkey Fisbeen, Francine Betts, Bruno Finley, and the outspoken and inappropriately named Beefcake Habib all take positions running the two Death Rangers ships. Jax"The Remedy" Toyvoid, Elbert Moon, Andrew Jackson, Argon Krakowski, and Ox Gomez are all recruited to be the personal armed ground force of the Death Rangers.

The final point of order for the newly elected board of directors is to appoint officers for the two ships as well as for the armed ground force. Captain Dorkon is appointed captain of the Festivus, the leased vessel, and the newly hired Beefcake Habib is voted in as the captain of the Death Ranger. Despite being infinitely more qualified, Roland McGintley is voted in as Captain Beefcake's XO much to his chagrin. Colonel Lee is appointed the Colonel of the ground forces.

The decision is made to travel toward Tureded to uncover the source of the space monsters, but there is a concern that the Death Ranger and the Festivus have a different jump rating and a different security clearance. Rather than stick together, the two ships will make their way to Fosey meeting in two weeks' time. The Festivus takes a spinward path along the rimward edge of Mora sector to their destination, while the Death Ranger ventures coreward to return to the pirate base at 457-973 and investigate the scene of the crime.

The Death Ranger arrives at the pirate base after completing a jump-3 and depleting its fuel supply completely thanks to orders given by Captain Beefcake. They find two ships near the Gas Giant. A 800-ton mercenary cruiser and a 400-ton scientific ship. The two are engaged in a heated argument about whether the science vessel may proceed to complete their "gender studies" on the prime planet in system or not. Captain Beefcake immediately orders the Death Ranger to engage the Mercenary cruiser, prompting XO McGintley to replace Beefcake Habib as the captain immediately at gunpoint. Habib meekly retreats to the lounge under the watchful eye of "The Remedy". The mercenary cruiser lights up its turrets and pounds the science vessel to pieces. The Death Ranger joins the fight in support of the science vessel, but quickly realizes that the cruiser's computer and weaponry are advanced enough that it can't win the fight. After taking some damage including destroying the triple missile turret, the Death Ranger escapes the fight. Before leaving 457-973 the Death Ranger (as the John Smith) alerts the local defense forces within 457-973 that the mercenary cruiser is lurking within system. The Death Ranger jumps out to Loneseda.

At Loneseda, the Death Ranger finds the planet blockaded by two warships. They refuel at the gas giant instead and jump to Fosey.

At Fosey, the Death Ranger is immediately intercepted by two close support escort ships. Before being able to maneuver to escape (because McGintley is such a bad captain) The Death Ranger takes some more hits from these two mercenary ships bent on revenge from the events at Natoko months earlier.

Following the incident at Fosey, McGintley steps down as captain and Yes Paul is appointed the new captain by a unanimous vote between the board members on the Death Ranger. The Death Ranger is repaired to the best of the engineering team's ability. Beefcake Habib is demoted to sandwich-making duty for the remainder of his cruise.