Monday, January 15, 2018

Action Shots: Session 4

Le Gourd Sans Pitie approaches the hapless heroes.

The crumbled and cowering remains of the Rusty Bottom Tribe halfing holy questers.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Now Available at Salty Dan's

1gp   1 pound

Acts as 1 day's rations, heals 1d4 hit points when consumed during a short rest

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Now Available at Mort's Mining Supplies

Crackers & Bacon


1 pound

Acts as 1 day's rations. Tieflings and humans suffer 1 point of acid damage. Elves and half-elves suffer 1 point of piercing damage (crackers are sharp!) Dwarves and gnomes inflict 1 point of poison damage to all those within 5' for one hour after this food is consumed, and all other characters suffer 1 point of bludgeoning damage from the weight of this awful meal.

Now Availible at Sticky Vicky's

Grape Nuts

2gp         1 pound

Acts as 1 days rations.  Elves, Half-elves cured 1d6+1 hit points, Dwarves, half-orcs and tieflings suffer 1 point of poison damage, other characters cured 1d4 hit points.



Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Character Trees/Downtime/Game Structure Thoughts

I've been thinking a little more about the character tree, time-management and downtime procedures.
Here's how I'd like to modify them and why

  • One Session=One Month:  our first three sessions all took place within 5th month of 1173, in that time we had  Find that Crab, Baldpate Beacon, Smirkenburg Mines 1-2, and Caer Smirken level 1, adventures, and they ran in pretty much a random order.  Downtime activities got short shift, wear and tear wasn't appropriate because half of the characters didn't have any money and so forth.   So, I think that going forward every game session we hold will represent all of the dangerous exciting action that takes place in one calendar month (unless an adventure ends unfinished).   So, all characters will have to pay maintenance and face wear and tear at the beginning of the session, even if they are not active.   All characters can go shopping, even if they aren't active.  And the non-active characters can count on 28 days of downtime.
  • Free Money:  I propose that any character who begins session 4 with less than 100gp, will have his total raised to 100 gp, in order to represent downtime and to make it possible to pay some maintenance and do some shopping, correct for wear and tear.  This will be a one-time thing, except if a new character enters play in the future, he will start his first month with 100gp.
  • Downtime:  I'm going to try to get the downtime rules worked into a 1-page summary, along with maintenance costs and wear and tear, so it will be easy to reference.  Doing Downtime at Dinner will then be easier to handle with quick reference and 28 days guaranteed.
  • Real Estate:  I want to get a catalogue for buying houses, forts, stockades etc., put together.   I think that the PHB/DMG versions are a bit off, and there needs to be some accounting for location and so forth.
  • Sailing Home:  need to codify more clearly sailing to the other continents, since this is how serious shopping trips will happen.  Good availability in Newport is limited and haphazard, being a small, frontier town.   With 1-month sessions, sailing home becomes a real option.