Friday, January 27, 2017

Adjusting the Schedule

It looks like Tim's work schedule has him working on the weekends we play, so we need to adjust the schedule to accommodate.

Current Schedule:
Game:  Feb 5
Game Feb 19
Game March 5

Proposal 1: (we meet two weeks in a row: as I'm all jazzed and prepared, I like this one)
Game Feb 5 (sorry, Tim)
Game Feb 12
Game Feb 26
Game March 12

Proposal 2: (we have a 3 week gap,  boo)
Game:  Feb 5 (sorry Tim)
Game:  Feb 26
Game March 12

Leave your opinion, and whichever works best we'll do.

Playing with my Toys at School: Living the Dream

Two years ago I had made a historical miniatures battle-game for the Battle of Dorylaeum in the First Crusade.  It was in connection with the Latin 4 and 5 class reading the Gesta Francorum, an early Latin source for the Crusade's history.   Since this year I'm back to the Gesta Francorum again, I broke it out and 9 of my students stayed after school for 2 hours and played it Thursday night.   Much better attendance than 2 years ago, and it was a really good time.   The Crusaders beat the Turks, 7 points to 6.  Deus Vult.  The miniatures were all 1/72 scale soft plastic (inexpensive and very easy to transport), the paint jobs held up perfectly.  Soft plastic is notorious for having paint flake off, but with the Krylon Fusion primer, made for plastic, it holds on nicely.

The Battle Begins:

The Battle Rages:

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happy D&D Day

On this day, 1974, D&D was first published.    Happy D&D day

OMG, I just realized the founding of D&D is closer in time to our 1934 campaign, than it is to the present day.  Lawn, get off of, or something.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Action Shots: from Fashionably Dead (Jan 22, 2017 or Jan 19, 1934)

First, a shot of Myrtle May's!! Fashion House
Next, the riot in progress
Two Chains and his victims (Sister Maria in the background, behind car)
Puma Man, collapsed on the ground, after diverting the truck, which barrels toward the police car
The Gang fight inside the Grand Haberdasharium
Puma Man, standing by the wreckage of The Beast, at the Shoe Factory

The battle with the Red Bomber at the Shoe Factory

Monday, January 23, 2017

Wiki Updates and Enemies

I made a series of updates to the wiki Look Here, including the stats for our ugly Chinese Swordsman
and updates on the Belgian Grudge against Puma Man and the Chinese Grudge against Two Chains, and even some more on Rosco Snow's grudge against Captain Avalanche.  

This brings up a discussion of Enemies.   So far, I see we have two minor enemies (Puma Man v Belgians,  Captain Freemont v Rosco Snow) and 1 major enemy (Two Chains v Chinese Gangs).

I think we need to nail down how this will work from now on.  Perhaps, we do it this way, if it is a Minor Enemy, when you draw a Jack the enemy appears, but only once per session.   If it is a Major Enemy, then every time you draw a Jack, the enemy appears.

I hadn't realized that Two Chains had a major enemy last session, and the frequency of Puma Man's seemed a bit much for a minor hindrance, but those are water under the bridge now.

NEEDS:  I still need stats for Friday Jones and Rusty Keys for the wiki.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Team C vs. the Roachman

News photo of the encounter between Team C of the Gotham City Restoration Project and the notorious Roach Man, during the fight with the All-Americans counterfeiters.   Look for the latest issue of the Herald for more details.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

NPC Cards

I tried a format for my NPC cards for adventures:

I printed out Myrtle's picture from the wiki.   Cut it out and pasted it (with real glue)  onto one side of a 4x6 card and had printed out the stats on the other side already.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Characters Page

I've created a page on the Wiki site to keep our character details.   E-mail me all the relevant details (and a picture) and I'll create a page for your character.

Here's a link to Captain Freemont's page, so you can see what all to include:

Roach Shooter

Action Shots January 8

First we see Captain Hank Freemont, backed up by Mr. Scraps, the Indestructible Dog, leaving "The Beast" to warn a building full of people about a possible bomb threat.

Next we see Mr. Scraps biting into a dirty counterfeiter.
Finally, we see the moment in their first encounter when Captain Freemont (a.k.a. Captain Avalanche)  shoots the living crap out of Roachman, while American Fist looks on in wonder:

Friday, January 6, 2017

Putting the 2-hour delay to good use

I decided to whip up the gang-damage scoreboard and install it.   I also decided to Keep It Simple, Stupid.   Here it is:

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Personal Gear Item

When we play the campaign, most gear that you used will be drawn from the team Armory.   However, each player character picks one piece of gear that he gets as his own personal possession.  This piece will be automatically replaced at the end of a session if it is lost or destroyed.  It could be a standard weapon, such as a rifle or machinegun, or a vehicle or even something consumable, like a bundle of dynamite.  Check through the gear catalogues for ideas.   If you decide on something, let me know and I'll make sure I have a card for you ready.   Below is a sample:

Bullet-Proof Nun’s Habit
Encumbrance   14
Armor:  +2
Armor vs. Bullets:  +4
Coverage:   All
Material: silk and wool

Andrew, if the encumbrance is too high, we can reduce it to 10 and reduce the bullet proof coverage to just the torso (making it the equivalent to a quality bullet-proof vest).

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Auto-gyro prop

I whipped up a little auto-gyro prop for the game table during some odd moments.   It's just a picture taped to some cardboard (picture on both sides) and cut to stand up.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Heavy Weapon Appendix

I've added an appendix for the Gun Catalogue, it is one page containing the following 4 weapons:  A British Anti-Tank rifle,  a Polish anti-tank Rifle, a mortar and a 75mm howitzer.  You can find it on the equipment page of the To a Bloody Pulp wiki.

Anti-tank rifles were used to attack tanks up to early WW2, since before 1942 or so, tanks basically sucked.   In our period,  bazookas and the like had not been invented, so we needed some more things to attack tanks, armored cars, and other Heavy Armor vehicles.

Boys Anti-Tank Rifle (UK)

Caliber:  .55   Range: 24/48/96

Damage:   2d10  AP 4    HW

ROF:  1                 Hi-Recoil

Encumbrance 45   Min Str 1d8

P.S. I even have a miniature of a guy holding one of these bad boys.