Monday, January 14, 2019

After Action Report: Janu 13

Marlon, Bob and Dave did board game night on Sunday.

We played 2 cooperative board games:

"Agents of Smersh", which we've played before, but which we flailed around blindly trying to remember how the rules actually worked.   About half way through we got it all under control and managed to win relatively easily.

"Escape from 100 Million BC" where we crashed our time machine and had to search the prehistoric wasteland for missing pieces, and rescue castaways (including Daniel Boone, The Mona Lisa lady and Teddy Roosevelt) who had been sucked into time vortexes, and send them back.  We very narrowly won that one, but returned to a modern Earth that had been covered by flood waters due to all the paradoxes we caused.

Bob also showed us some of the products of his new 3-D printer, which were pretty swell.   I was looking at "Thingiverse" and thought that making a bunch of dungeon tiles might be a good use for the thing.   We'd then have a light-weight but modular way of setting up dungeon games.   I saw a couple types that might be perfect.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Campaign and Upcoming Schedule

Game Schedule: after I get Annie back to school this coming Sunday, all my conflicts should be wrapped up.   The game schedule should be as follows.

NEW CAMPAIGN:  I am going to start the Blueholme, Old-School D&D campaign on Sunday, February 10.   I've sort of lost all track of where the 5e campaign was going and what was happening and why.   I need a little more time to get a pack of adventures ready and so forth.

Next Games:

Sunday January 13:  Don't know exactly what we're doing.   Give me a shout out if someone has a board game or two they'd like to do, or if you have something you'd really like to do for 5e.  If no one has any suggestions, I'll try to have a 5e dungeon ready of some sort

Sunday January 27:  I'd like to do a big battle using lots of miniatures and the Blueholme rules, just to see how the chainmail weapons rules mesh with the D&D to hit system, and mostly because I like doing big battles with lots of miniatures.

Sunday February 10:  New Campaign Begins:  character creation (fast!) and first adventure.

If you want to look at the current state of rules and setting for the Thranconia (Blueholme) Campaign: check out the wiki:

Thranconia Hack