Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Campaign and Upcoming Schedule

Game Schedule: after I get Annie back to school this coming Sunday, all my conflicts should be wrapped up.   The game schedule should be as follows.

NEW CAMPAIGN:  I am going to start the Blueholme, Old-School D&D campaign on Sunday, February 10.   I've sort of lost all track of where the 5e campaign was going and what was happening and why.   I need a little more time to get a pack of adventures ready and so forth.

Next Games:

Sunday January 13:  Don't know exactly what we're doing.   Give me a shout out if someone has a board game or two they'd like to do, or if you have something you'd really like to do for 5e.  If no one has any suggestions, I'll try to have a 5e dungeon ready of some sort

Sunday January 27:  I'd like to do a big battle using lots of miniatures and the Blueholme rules, just to see how the chainmail weapons rules mesh with the D&D to hit system, and mostly because I like doing big battles with lots of miniatures.

Sunday February 10:  New Campaign Begins:  character creation (fast!) and first adventure.

If you want to look at the current state of rules and setting for the Thranconia (Blueholme) Campaign: check out the wiki:

Thranconia Hack