Sunday, January 29, 2012

Web Comics...

For some time now I've read a great many web comics on a daily basis. Some are good, some not so much. I thought I'd post a few here that have relevance to our current Savage Worlds campaign.

Darth & Droids

Darth & Droids is about a group of gamers playing through several extended sci-fi campaigns, with greed and blood-thirst mixing with the humor. What makes it extremely funny is that the players are playing through all the Star Wars movies (starting with the prequel series), and the person who makes the comment is basically just editting it together with word balloons. Funny stuff, but you should really read it from the beginning.

Servants of the Imperium

Servants of the Imperium is set in the Warhammer 40k universe, and the story follows an inquisitor named Lord Severus Hunt. With a team of goofy (yet incredibly violent) individuals, he tracks down aliens and heretics throughout the human universe. It's art style is very similar to the Order of the Stick.

Schlock Mercenary

Schlock Mercenary follows the adventures of a space mercenary company as it goes about it's job, centering mostly on a Sergeant Schlock, an amorphous blob creature with a penchant for carrying around a gigantically overpower plasma pistol. This comic has been around for a long, long time, and the creator has an extensive array of things to buy in his shop (including a calender showing some of the axioms of a successful mercenary, my favorite being the merc captain dressing down Sergeant Schlock with a city in the background burning, and the line underneath says 'FIRST pillage, THEN burn!').

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trolling for 5th edition

Scrolling through various websites like I am oft want to do, I came across this little important tidbit.

Basically, Wizards of the Coast is gearing up for a 5th edition of dungeons and dragons after maybe four or five years (they are planning on releasing it in 2013) of 4th edition.

As for myself, I have to say I'm incredibly 'meh' about this whole thing. I got excited about gaming again after so many years, that I spent (what was for me) way too much time and money on a system that I hadn't really played before. By the time I realized I didn't actually like 4th edition, I had already bought half a dozen books, which also coincided with the time that our group actually stopped playing 4th edition (and we, as a group, haven't looked back since...though I think there are a few Lords of Hack that play it in other groups).

The only thing that's got me even the slightest bit interested is that Wizards of the Coast is actually looking for input from players. As much as our group disliked 4th edition, there were a few things we actually liked. I think we all liked that there was always something for everybody to do, other than swing a sword or throw a dart. But I believe our basic consensus was that it just didn't feel like the D&D we were all so familiar with (and I, personally, felt it played a lot like World of Warcraft).

I'll be interested to see how this turns out, I might even participate in their input session at some point, but I could happily do without it. I think we like to modify things somewhat, and I never felt that 4th edition allowed that too easily.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kings of Orion - Political Map of the Galaxy

The Kings of Orion game is set against a brewing interstellar civil war that has torn the Kingdom of Orion to bits. In order to reflect the changes that go on "behind the scenes" away from the play we do during games I've created a kind of "political" map of the known kingdom featuring "neighborhoods" of planets. You can see the neighborhood of Orion in the center of the map, marked grey since it is being held in neutrality by the Pope. All around Orion the planetary "neighborhoods" have basically chosen sides and are just beginning to struggle in the first steps of war. The Quanset cloud is also shown positioned right between Juke and Lothar space. The size of the "neighborhood" also describes how civilized/important that section of space is to the Kingdom.

I'll continue to bring this map up and display changes as the war rages on during the campaign. With any luck, the player characters should have a hand in redrawing this map to their own liking.