Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Polymorph Other

The Autarch guys say that Polymorph Other doesn't work on Undead or Constructs.   So, the "Steve the Elf" thing wouldn't have worked.  It would work with a snake or orc or something, but not ghouls.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Painting and/or Terrain Party

We should have a painting and/or terrain building party at some point, it must be 10 years since we've done one of those.   Can anyone think of a time that might work for that?   Maybe in the space between Christmas and New Year/s Day?

I do know I'm thinking of getting rid of that battered old computer desk in the game room and replacing it with one of those metal storage shelves (maybe do the same with the plastic shelf unit too).  That might free up some space to store a few terrain pieces more efficiently.

Henchmen Experience Question

According to the ACKS Rulebook (p.115), Henchmen become 1st level fighters at 100xp. Sunday night Dave quoted a figure of 500xp. Do we have a ruling?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Book of Amicus, Chapter 42

An excerpt from the Book of Pontiflex Amicus regarding his travels in Skull Mountain.

The Druid Tavish Furley has outed me as a true follower of the holy and ancient faith of the old gods. I made my intentions known, and was welcomed as a full member of the party. Strangely, the being that is the Brain of Bran has requested that we remove all the influence of the outsiders to our world from the mountain. With that, I have become one of these mighty "Skull Collectors", and we are set on a mission to clean out this entire complex and make it our own. What would be more glorious, than a lair that bears the likeness of our namesake? The thunderous voice of Jove says it shall be so.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall-In Photos Find

I found a guy who posted a slide-show of his trip to Fall-In,  a large number of the photos are from the "Gangs of Rome" game.   I don't know if it was from the session we played, but it does give a good look at the scenery.   You have to get through 2-3 pictures of some other stuff, then there are a lot of the Rome shots

Fall In Slide Show

Here's one picture, of the inside of the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus:

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Chillaxing before our game.

EDIT: Here are some gameplay videos.
In this one, Dr. Skull and I are moving down the city toward our characters' homes in order to keep from having to vote to give the "little people" more power in Rome.

Through clever maneuvering and shrewd bribes, Dr. Skull and I have arrived at our respective doorsteps whilst the third senator is being ransomed back and forth between the mercenary groups and our enemies. Victory is achieved!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Interesting Links

The "Interesting Links" to the left side of this blog are way out of date. One of them (Grognardia) went to a site that hadn't been updated in almost a year. Could you guys suggest a list of links that we could add?

Monday, November 11, 2013

240 Pounds of Pudding

240 Pounds Dollars of Pudding

New Website

As part as a project at work, I've updated our Website with a new look. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you on your computer and your cell phone.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Neat Offer

There is a neat offer on for the next few days.  It is a collection of a ton of Old-School Revival Roleplaying game books for a low, low price.   It includes a PDF of ACKS.   If I'm reading correctly, the entire package is $4.


Sunday, November 3, 2013


Issue #4: June 13, 1430
Editor in Chief: Bosco Smokey, president of Boscovania Fine Smokeables

Friendly Steve, a well known centaur traveler and pine-cone trader was murdered on the Badlands Trail this month. According to his comrades, a group of 5 centaurs were passing along the trail when a strong party of bandits (perhaps from Bastardville, it is unclear) unleashed an unprovoked volley of crossbow bolts, killing Steve. The other centaurs fled, and when they visited Boscovania recently they were still inconsolable, weeping “You're kidding me, Why is life so hard?”

The Bishop of Portchester is concerned that there has been an unexpected increase in preachers and magicians belonging to a cult worshipping a mysterious spirit known as “Grampius.” The shamans of this cult seem to be prone to becoming hermits and to encourage the abnegation of personal possessions. They are also known for demanding visible displays of faith in exchange for miraculous healing. The archdeacon of the dioceses is quoted as calling it “so much Druidic deviltry.”

Early this month a brand new chapel and dojo of the Norrisite order was endowed by a certain Brother Punchy of the order within the walls of Orchester. Only days after the opening, the building was vandalized, painted with rude slogans, and robbed of its door and window fittings. It is believed by the authorities of the town that a rival order of mystics, known as the Segalians are behind the misbehavior.

Lo, did Zacharias address the assembled multitudes: “Yea, verily I speak unto ye, for one who hath seen all sorts of people in this world, truly know that Crab People are the Worst Sort of People.” Zacharias, book 2, verse 23.

A band of travelers killed one of the Giant Bandits who terrorized the northern road from Orchester toward the Therk country. The other two Giants kept clear for several weeks after their brother was killed, allowing several caravans to pass without the customary toll. Thanks, strangers. Thangers.

Advertisement: Afraid of bandits peppering you with crossbows for no reason? Why not stay at Peaches' instead? Peaches'---it's Sweet as Can Be!