Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Book of Amicus, Chapter 42

An excerpt from the Book of Pontiflex Amicus regarding his travels in Skull Mountain.

The Druid Tavish Furley has outed me as a true follower of the holy and ancient faith of the old gods. I made my intentions known, and was welcomed as a full member of the party. Strangely, the being that is the Brain of Bran has requested that we remove all the influence of the outsiders to our world from the mountain. With that, I have become one of these mighty "Skull Collectors", and we are set on a mission to clean out this entire complex and make it our own. What would be more glorious, than a lair that bears the likeness of our namesake? The thunderous voice of Jove says it shall be so.

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  1. What's really funny, is that my character hired that lawful cleric just because at some point I am heading to Rageburg (possibly to take over). If the cleric hadn't proved himself useful by that point, he'd be a trussed 'sacrifice' to the berserkers there.