Monday, November 25, 2013

Painting and/or Terrain Party

We should have a painting and/or terrain building party at some point, it must be 10 years since we've done one of those.   Can anyone think of a time that might work for that?   Maybe in the space between Christmas and New Year/s Day?

I do know I'm thinking of getting rid of that battered old computer desk in the game room and replacing it with one of those metal storage shelves (maybe do the same with the plastic shelf unit too).  That might free up some space to store a few terrain pieces more efficiently.


  1. I'd be up for that, and I do happen to have a foam cutter, green "grass"(spray adhesive it on) and probably a few other things for shrubs and trees.

  2. Maybe we all chip in for a tub or plastic drawers for any terrain we bust out.

  3. That works for me. I'm actually planning on being off between Christmas and New Years anyways, so I'm down.

    I've got a whole slew of old lead miniatures that I'd be glad to give away to people if they're looking for something to paint.