Friday, February 27, 2015

Yoesville Grows

Using the wealth granted from the sale of Village Primal, Mayor Clovis has added more infrastructure and grown the population of Yoesville to the size of a Class IV settlement. The addition of the Civil Messaging Service has improved trade as well, and Clovis hopes to build a new road between Yoesville and Badaxe Hold in the spring.

An Open Letter to Prefect Tiberius Serenius Valdarus of Valdar, Lord of Hamatar

Lord Tiberius,

I'm writing to clarify some points regarding the beastman population of the new domain of Hamatar. Please let it be known that many within the Skull Coalition - particularly the remaining elves who lost their family and fortune when they were crushed in the Elfwood - would rather see the eradication of the entire goblin population than the mercy we showed them.

Further, there are members of the Skull Coalition who refuse to fight alongside goblins. In my estimation, it is unwise to arm demon-spawn. Make sure that your current beastman soldiers are posted strictly for defense and police action, and any future recruitment should be from human settlements only. To help toward this end, I once again give you permission to recruit throughout my domain and those of my vassals. I urge all the other members of the Skull Coalition to do the same.

We allowed these beings to live only because we have taken pity on them and they are of value to us as workmen. They live as prisoners, and not as citizens. Unlike us, they have no qualms about genocide. At any time, they will take you by the throat and kill you. Be sure not to fall into complacency. If you have even the slightest concern, the Dwarves of Badaxe Hold would be at Hamatar's door culling its population of demon-spawn and making Baldgarth a safer place for the mortal races.

In service,

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Message from Tiberio to the rulers of Gatavia


I am sure that you have been observing the rise of a beastmen nation within Gatavia with great trepidation.  Even more so when that nation is led by the vile Wormpriest.  In recent days the Wormpriest and his armies have assaulted the peace and prosperity of the land, including the heinous invasion of the Elfwood and the slaughter of beautiful Queen Khyosee and her people.

I am writing to you now with joyous news.  The Skull Collectors have taken it upon themselves to dispense justice upon the Wormpriest.  By our spells and steel he was brought low.  His shattered body lies dead within the heart of his stronghold while his soul answers to the gods for his crimes against the Elven people.  Queen Khyosee has been avenged. 

The destruction of a powerful entity leaves behind a power vacuum.  In the absence of a strong leader to unify the beastmen there is danger of them scattering upon the winds.  I am sure that none of the citizens of Gatavia want beastmen running uncontrolled, raiding and pillaging in small bands.  Just as terrible would be the rise of one of the Wormpriest’s lieutenants and continued war.   To prevent this I, Tiberius Serenius Valdarus, have agreed to don the mantle of Prefect and rule over the beastmen. 

Let it be known that the Realm shall hereby be known as Valdar, and shall include the lands formerly known as the Wormcult and the lands of Fort Hydra.  Valdar shall be a full member in good standing of the Skull Coalition.  The capital city of the Realm shall hereby be known as Hamatar, and trading posts will be established to open it to trade.  Any that obstruct the safe passage of merchants to these trading posts shall face my wrath.

Where there once dwelt a threat to humans, elves, dwarves, and all other civilized races, I will forge a sword with which to defend the good people of the land.  The beastmen will submit to my might and the will of the neutral gods.  They shall march in the armies of the Skull Coalition against all threats.


Prefect Tiberius Serenius Valdarus of Valdar, Lord of Hamatar, Commander of the Hydra Legion

Now that Tiberio rules over not just the tiny settlement of Fort Hydra, but an entire realm of thousands of beings he has cast off his Ardean commoner name and adopted one more fitting to nobility. He is renaming the wormcult domain and capital, as well as granting domains to both of his henchmen.   Fort Hydra and a section of the wormcult lands will become vassal domains.

Assuming no one has any objections, I plan to send this message throughout the province.  Copies will be sent to Orchester, Badaxe Jack, Dwarfhall, Cavano, Seatun, and maybe Pulchester.    Basically all the people that don't actively hate the Skull Collectors enough to kill the messenger, 

Sidenote - I stole stuff from my favorite fantasy series and added appropriate endings to make the names sound more like the Ardean ones listed in the document on the site.  The place names I'm going to use will inspired by the same series.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Hag of Hod

For the next adventure, Dave and I briefly discussed adventuring in the forest of Hod, a domain ruled by the mysterious Hag of Hod. However now that we are all closer to being a conqueror" than an "adventurer", I'm finding it hard to muster the will just to show up and kick over her anthill.

Basically, I believe that Amicus would personally need a reason to be pissed off enough to invade Hod.

Toward this end, let's consider that Mayor Clovis of Yoesville has sent his brand new hench-person Newt (a first level bard) along with a small contingent of three soldiers to Hod with an offer to join the Skull Coalition. Furthermore, the missive will offer a trade agreement with Hod whereby Yoesville may set up a trading post within Hod's main settlement and in return a road will be built to it linking to the Badlands Trail.

Maybe we at least get a glimpse of what Hod is like, or maybe I shouldn't bother making actual stats for Clovis' first henchman. We'll have to see.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Works of Badaxe Jack

While the Skull Collectors have been busy in the Badlands, Badaxe Jack has been far from idle.

Redemption of the Fallen Dead-2nd level Dwarven Craftpriest spell
This spell allows the souls of unfulfilled Dwarven furies (those who were killed before experiencing the thrill of victory in combat), and gives them physical form to allow them to redeem themselves in furious battle.

Those furies who live through to the end of the battle return to the warrior’s afterlife, finally knowing the taste of victory.

-Summons one 1st level Dwarven Fury (AC 8, HD 1, dmg +2/immune to fear when berserk, -1pt per die of non-magical physical damage) per level of the caster
-Can only be cast once per day, takes one turn to cast, casting range 10ft, and lasts 33 1/3rd days
-Furies are dismissed back immediately after winning a battle.

Call Upon Earthen Favor-4th level Dwarven Craftpriest spell
This spell calls upon the ancient mystical link between dwarves and the earth, allowing the Craftpriest to summon a spirit of the earth to perform any one action it is capable of performing in the duration of the spell.

-Summons one 16HD Earth Elemental
-Can only be cast once per day, 240’ range, and duration of 1 turn per level
-Elemental will be dismissed after performing one action as determined by the caster during the conjuring

Tunneler Golem
HD 12
AC 6 Movement 60/20 or 60/20 tunneling
At 2 (3D6/3D6)
-Immune to poison, gas, charm, hold, and sleep
-Immune to non-magical weapons

The Skull Collectors are at least visually familiar with this golem, as it was the one that accompanied them to break into the vaults under the church of Bor.  It is basically a 9ft tall stone dwarf with pick-axes for hands.

Currently Badaxe Jack has the potion formulas for sweet water potion, healing potion, super heroism, longevity, and giant strength.


Badaxe Jack has the item formulas for +1 crossbows, +1 swords, +1 hand axe, and +1 plate mail

Badaxe Jack (and his henchmen) have several other creations that are being saved to be surprises for both friends and foes at later dates.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Skull Coalition

This message is meant for all the members of the Skull Collectors, past and present including longtime allies such as Badaxe Jack.
Now that many of us have secured domains within the Badlands, and our priorities have shifted each to their own endeavors, I believe that we must now make arrangements for our mutual defense and rulership. I propose a coalition, of which each of us will be a full and even member, in which we would all come to the aid of one another in times of need. In exchange, each will share in the spoils of conquest as the coalition takes territory and bends all challengers to our will. Any who wants to rule a domain may win one with the help of all in the Coalition. Any who wishes to make a fortune in trade or mercenary work may do so. Any who simply wishes to live the life of an adventurer may continue to do so in style.

All of the Skull Collectors are invited to join this association of rulers. Let it be known that this coalition, forever after known as The Skull Coalition, aspires to be the mightiest on the face of Baldgarth. Let us meet to decide the future of the Skull Coalition, and map out our vision for a brighter future.

Publius Fulminator Amicus, Prelate of Noviodunum

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yoesville Civil Messaging Service

Mayor Clovis of Yoesville has created a "pony express" style messaging service serving all of Yoesville with links to Rageburg, Squatter's Corners, Noviodunum, Pickerville, Diggers, and Fort Hydra. The system is built with the idea of keeping the entire coalition informed of any incoming threats as well as keeping the horrors of Village Primal under close watch. The messaging service will be known as the Yoesville Civil Messaging Service and it consists of:
  • 90 miles of trails (4500gp)
  • 25 servicemen (300 gp/month)
  • 40 Light Horse with tack and saddle (3400gp)
  • 10 Roadhouses (3000gp)

    Civilians may use the service, offsetting the costs a bit. However, there will always be a rider of "last resort" for communication between any of the Skull Collectors.

    Yoesville will pay an upkeep on all this infrastructure at the cost of 545gp/month (5% of the initial investment) plus the servicemen' salary for a total of 845gp/month.

    Mayor Clovis is putting out a call for any who want to serve as scouts for the coalition to join up to keep an eye on any movements from Portchester to the North, the Wormcult to the West, the Therks to the South, and the forces of Dengwur to the East.
  • Tuesday, February 10, 2015

    Fort Hydra

    The domain of Fort Hydra is a small parcel of land around the stronghold. It is protected by the forces of the Hydra Legion and Tiberio’s magical might.

    32 square miles
    ~3.2 mile radius

    6gp/family land revenue
    77 families
    924 gp/month gross - Land, Services, Taxes


    The citizens of Fort Hydra are loyal in their support of their leader which makes it hard for spies and thieves to operate.

    Stone Building surrounded by earthen ramparts - 23000gp
    Upkeep Cost: 115gp/month

    Settlement Urban Investment - 1000gp
    The ruins of the former town of Edge lie empty at the moment with a handful of buildings still standing. The Wormcult attack drove off the inhabitants and Tiberio is currently working up plans to rebuild the town under the name Fort Hydra.

    Hydra Legion as of October 1431
  • Helpful Bill – level 6 fighter
  • Light Infantry x33
  • Heavy Infantry x18
  • Crossbowmen x15
  • Bowmen x29
  • Light Cavalry x16
  • Horse Archers x6
  • Medium Cavalry x11
  • Heavy Cavalry x6
  • Cataphract Cavalry x3
    Garrison Cost: 3730gp/month

    10% of gross
    92.4 gp

    128.3 gp/month
  • Boscoburg

    I suppose we haven't conquered ALL of the Badlands yet. Last week Gorna visited Boscoburg and got a look at what is going on there. I took the opportunity to make up some stats just in case someone wants to "go off to Smirkenburg".

    The village of Boscoburg is a purely urban settlement with no stronghold. That is mostly because it is protected from harm mostly by its legendary leader, Bosco Barbie the dragon princess.

    Class VI Market
    Settlement Investment 20,000gp (nearly a class V market)

    Led by Bosco Barbie AKA Demonstooth, a Venerable dragon with the Polymorph Self special ability.

    7 gp/family urban revenue, +2 for having stalwart morale
    200 families
    1400 gross income

    The citizens of Boscoburg live in abject fear of their leader which gives them a stalwart morale. That contributes to their output makes it hard for spies and thieves to operate.

    1 5th level Halfling Pumpkin Queen; 30 0-level milita
    Garrison Cost: 490gp/month


    10% of gross
    140 gp

    333.3 gp/month

    Monday, February 9, 2015


    Now that Knobutown has been annexed as a vassal state of Rageburg, I've created it in ACKS accounting terms. Rageburg will receive 182gp/month in tribute from the gnomes of Knobutown in exchange for defense of their village and vault.

    Knobutown Domain

    10 square miles
    ~1.5 mile radius

    Includes an underground vault settlement - Class VI
    Led by the Great and Mighty Knobulous, 9th level Gnome Trickster with a 17 Charisma

    7gp/family land revenue
    65 families
    910 gp/month gross - Land, Services, Taxes


    The citizens of Knobutown are steadfast in their support of their leader which contributes to their output and makes it hard for spies and thieves to operate.

    Underground Vault with above ground medium round tower entrance - 72500gp
    Upkeep Cost: 362.5gp/month

    Settlement Urban Investment - 10000gp
    The urban vault is largely empty, despite the extensive investment sufficient to support a Class V market. The reason for this is because of underground incursions from the Old Ones and undead in the past. Great underground battles between the minions of Dengwur and the Old Ones have been fought beneath this ancestral home of the gnomes, sometimes spilling out into the main vault itself. After three unfortunate incidents in the past 20 years alone, no gnome dares to set foot in the deserted vault.

    1 5th level Gnome Titan; 30 0-level milita cost
    Garrison Cost: 490gp/month

    10% of gross
    91 gp

    108.3 gp/month

    20% of gross
    182 gp/month to Rageburg

    Wednesday, February 4, 2015


    A suggestion for the name of the members of the Commune of Dwarvish Wizardry;