Friday, February 27, 2015

An Open Letter to Prefect Tiberius Serenius Valdarus of Valdar, Lord of Hamatar

Lord Tiberius,

I'm writing to clarify some points regarding the beastman population of the new domain of Hamatar. Please let it be known that many within the Skull Coalition - particularly the remaining elves who lost their family and fortune when they were crushed in the Elfwood - would rather see the eradication of the entire goblin population than the mercy we showed them.

Further, there are members of the Skull Coalition who refuse to fight alongside goblins. In my estimation, it is unwise to arm demon-spawn. Make sure that your current beastman soldiers are posted strictly for defense and police action, and any future recruitment should be from human settlements only. To help toward this end, I once again give you permission to recruit throughout my domain and those of my vassals. I urge all the other members of the Skull Coalition to do the same.

We allowed these beings to live only because we have taken pity on them and they are of value to us as workmen. They live as prisoners, and not as citizens. Unlike us, they have no qualms about genocide. At any time, they will take you by the throat and kill you. Be sure not to fall into complacency. If you have even the slightest concern, the Dwarves of Badaxe Hold would be at Hamatar's door culling its population of demon-spawn and making Baldgarth a safer place for the mortal races.

In service,


  1. Tim, I'll try to bring you a spreadsheet of the monthly recruitment from everything I've got on Sunday. Please tell me if you plan to recruit heavy infantry or crossbowmen, since that will raise the wages of the Thunderbolt Legion garrisoned in these domains.

  2. Amicus,

    I understand your concerns about the beastmen. They shall not enter civilized realms except under the most dire circumstances. Any that disobey this command shall be exterminated, and I will lead the forces doing so. I am also aware citizens would prefer to see the beastmen crushed. I would ask however that they refrain from acting on these urges for the moment.

    It is true that these creatures have no qualms about genocide, and I appreciate the warning about complacently. I intend to use my magic to help bend them to my will, and I intend to use them like a tool. It would be a shame to waste a potentially useful resource when we have an alternative. Despite destroying the beastmen leadership, they are numerous and efforts to completely exterminate them would be costly in lives and time. We have many enemies still, including Dengwuir, the Old Ones, and many other beastmen tribes. There is no reason human, dwarven, and elven blood should be shed in battles against beastmen when there is an alternative. An alternative that will serve the dual purpose of eliminating an enemy and culling the beastmen population.

    Similarly, their labors can provide a large amount of wealth with which to further our agendas. With the gold that will fill my coffers I can expand the Hydra Legion to unprecedented levels. I can also set aside funds for future use in reestablishing the city of Quinteri. Seeing that city reborn is still one of my desires despite any appearances of being sidetracked.


  3. Tiberius,

    Thanks for your understanding on this most delicate matter. I'm sure with a measure of caution and discretion we should be able to exploit the beastmen without causing too much friction within the Skull Coalition.