Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Skull Coalition

This message is meant for all the members of the Skull Collectors, past and present including longtime allies such as Badaxe Jack.
Now that many of us have secured domains within the Badlands, and our priorities have shifted each to their own endeavors, I believe that we must now make arrangements for our mutual defense and rulership. I propose a coalition, of which each of us will be a full and even member, in which we would all come to the aid of one another in times of need. In exchange, each will share in the spoils of conquest as the coalition takes territory and bends all challengers to our will. Any who wants to rule a domain may win one with the help of all in the Coalition. Any who wishes to make a fortune in trade or mercenary work may do so. Any who simply wishes to live the life of an adventurer may continue to do so in style.

All of the Skull Collectors are invited to join this association of rulers. Let it be known that this coalition, forever after known as The Skull Coalition, aspires to be the mightiest on the face of Baldgarth. Let us meet to decide the future of the Skull Coalition, and map out our vision for a brighter future.

Publius Fulminator Amicus, Prelate of Noviodunum

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