Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Works of Badaxe Jack

While the Skull Collectors have been busy in the Badlands, Badaxe Jack has been far from idle.

Redemption of the Fallen Dead-2nd level Dwarven Craftpriest spell
This spell allows the souls of unfulfilled Dwarven furies (those who were killed before experiencing the thrill of victory in combat), and gives them physical form to allow them to redeem themselves in furious battle.

Those furies who live through to the end of the battle return to the warrior’s afterlife, finally knowing the taste of victory.

-Summons one 1st level Dwarven Fury (AC 8, HD 1, dmg +2/immune to fear when berserk, -1pt per die of non-magical physical damage) per level of the caster
-Can only be cast once per day, takes one turn to cast, casting range 10ft, and lasts 33 1/3rd days
-Furies are dismissed back immediately after winning a battle.

Call Upon Earthen Favor-4th level Dwarven Craftpriest spell
This spell calls upon the ancient mystical link between dwarves and the earth, allowing the Craftpriest to summon a spirit of the earth to perform any one action it is capable of performing in the duration of the spell.

-Summons one 16HD Earth Elemental
-Can only be cast once per day, 240’ range, and duration of 1 turn per level
-Elemental will be dismissed after performing one action as determined by the caster during the conjuring

Tunneler Golem
HD 12
AC 6 Movement 60/20 or 60/20 tunneling
At 2 (3D6/3D6)
-Immune to poison, gas, charm, hold, and sleep
-Immune to non-magical weapons

The Skull Collectors are at least visually familiar with this golem, as it was the one that accompanied them to break into the vaults under the church of Bor.  It is basically a 9ft tall stone dwarf with pick-axes for hands.

Currently Badaxe Jack has the potion formulas for sweet water potion, healing potion, super heroism, longevity, and giant strength.


Badaxe Jack has the item formulas for +1 crossbows, +1 swords, +1 hand axe, and +1 plate mail

Badaxe Jack (and his henchmen) have several other creations that are being saved to be surprises for both friends and foes at later dates.

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