Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fort Hydra

The domain of Fort Hydra is a small parcel of land around the stronghold. It is protected by the forces of the Hydra Legion and Tiberio’s magical might.

32 square miles
~3.2 mile radius

6gp/family land revenue
77 families
924 gp/month gross - Land, Services, Taxes


The citizens of Fort Hydra are loyal in their support of their leader which makes it hard for spies and thieves to operate.

Stone Building surrounded by earthen ramparts - 23000gp
Upkeep Cost: 115gp/month

Settlement Urban Investment - 1000gp
The ruins of the former town of Edge lie empty at the moment with a handful of buildings still standing. The Wormcult attack drove off the inhabitants and Tiberio is currently working up plans to rebuild the town under the name Fort Hydra.

Hydra Legion as of October 1431
  • Helpful Bill – level 6 fighter
  • Light Infantry x33
  • Heavy Infantry x18
  • Crossbowmen x15
  • Bowmen x29
  • Light Cavalry x16
  • Horse Archers x6
  • Medium Cavalry x11
  • Heavy Cavalry x6
  • Cataphract Cavalry x3
    Garrison Cost: 3730gp/month

    10% of gross
    92.4 gp

    128.3 gp/month

    1. I apparently made a typo on the festival cost when I sent this. should be 128.3. I had it right in my spreadsheet.

      1. I just noticed another mistake. I had the radius wrong when I sent it. it should have stayed 32 square miles, and been a radius of ~3.2mi. When I did the math the 5.6 number was calculating it like a square, with sides that long. I probably shouldn't have written this up when I was so tired.

      2. Ah. I saw that problem and just adjusted the area to be 98 square miles. I'll adjust the radius instead.