Monday, April 24, 2017

Scoreboard Update and More

1--Scoreboard Update:

As predicted, the Disciples of the Bound Devil passed the 50 damage mark and I rolled on the chart.   They have become Demoralized and have a -1 to all Spirit Checks from now until they next have to roll.

2--Action Shot 1
 The Disciples approach from one side, while the Ghost Dragon ninjas on the other, the Wound Raven Gangsters are in Real Trouble

3--Action Shot 2:

Suds O'Brien and his top men return to their cars after robbing the Silver Moon, but wait, is that the Rhombus Mobile they hear in the distance?  They might be in for trouble.

Action Shot 3:

Here is the artist's rendering of the horror that Dr. Rhombus saw emerge from the Grimsby Building. What could this dread monster be?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Schedule, Take 2

Okay,  Tim had made a mistake about his schedule.   

He can make it April 30,  May 14, May 28.

I can't do May 14.

Should we try:

April 23 and 30

May 21 and 28?

So, 2 weeks in a row, then 3 weeks off and then 2 weeks in a row?

Is that too much?  That would get Tim in here at least twice.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Upcoming Schedule

The next game is Sunday, April 23, fixed.

It looks like Tim can make it on May 7 and May 21st,  are those good for everyone?

The bad news is that Tim will be moving to Pittsburgh in July.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Henchmen Update

I rolled for our 3 surviving soldiers:  Phil (Harmonica), Joe (Filthy) and Jack(Mumbles).  I rolled for Phil twice, since we didn't do it the time before, and he survived that one too.

Phil got an advance, so I gave him  "Rock and Roll", so he might be able to use a machinegun or thompson effectively.

Joe got an advance too, so I increased his Drive and Notice to d6 each. (We often need a driver and a guard)

No luck for mumbles

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


When we GM, we are in charge of a few really important things regarding the story at hand. First, we need to provide antagonists. Next, we need to have some sort of a plan that these bad guys carry out. But pacing is also important, particularly with our group with revolving game masters and a "serial" vibe which I simply love. I want to address this in this post.

In the past few sessions for "To a Bloody Pulp", I've been the game master for half of the adventures. I always want to make sure that we end the adventure with a big, satisfying finish at the end. If you were paying attention, I even time it. I try to make sure the opening action happens by 4:30, we get pizza in the "investigation rounds" at 6:45, and I even try to set a timer to let me know at 8:00 that I need to set up the final confrontation. This is because I know that we aren't all in our twenties anymore (except maybe Tim?) so we all need to end our game well before ten o'clock because we can't stay conscious that long.

I love that as a group our conceit is that adventures are self-contained and that there is always a "beginning" and an "end." This way, each game is appropriate for the story told for whomever shows up. If a player can't make an adventure, or if we want to exchange PCs we can do that. It isn't weird, and PCs don't just "disappear" in the narrative. However, this limits the scope of each particular adventure, and I'm realizing that as a GM I've got to manage our use of time as well.

For example, last game you guys had already found who had Rufus directly (helps to have a mind reader in the group) so the bit about Elizabeth and Lamont was no longer relevant. I kind of had to keep it anyway or else parts wouldn't have made sense. Once the PCs circled back, I kind of wanted to hand wave that part away since it was no longer needed to drive the story.

To that end, I would like to propose a "plot device" rule. Once a game, if the players are taking too much time dwelling on details that don't necessarily drive the plot the GM can call "plot device" and put an end to it, perhaps narrating what happens rather than letting the players flounder. Then, if the GM narrates some sort of coincidence or tells the PCs that they notice something about an element that wasn't looked at before (like "Why would you guys like to check all the abandoned buildings around this fish canning plant?" would have helped in Jason's game) to get the plot train back on track the GM may take a benny.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Following Sunday's adventure, there were a few "loose ends" that we didn't have time to tidy up. If all the players could decide if you have any decisions about any of these points I'll let you act on them. Otherwise I'll assume that you just let sleeping dogs lie.

There remains a few loose ends to this adventure that weren’t covered in play, including:
  • What was Sanitation Commissioner Stan Fullerton’s role in all this?
  • What happens to Gwendolyne Cobblepot and Lamont Merriweather, Rufus' younger brother?
  • What should be done about Snow’s hidden rooms in St. George's Episcopal Cathedral?
  • Where is Nathan Snow now?
  • Thursday, April 6, 2017