Monday, April 17, 2017

Upcoming Schedule

The next game is Sunday, April 23, fixed.

It looks like Tim can make it on May 7 and May 21st,  are those good for everyone?

The bad news is that Tim will be moving to Pittsburgh in July.


  1. Those dates work for me.

    Dammit Tim, you just gotta have a job and money and stuff, don't you? Selfish bastard probably even wants to eat and live in a house, too, instead of stay here to game occasionally.

  2. Crap I spaced out reading those dates in daves email. The 30th would work and I mentally read the others as each 2 weeks later. I have to work, it's actually the 14 and 28 of may I have off. 14th is Mother's Day though. So sorry for the confusion and thanks for putting up with my schedule

  3. See next blog post for revised schedule discussion