Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Following Sunday's adventure, there were a few "loose ends" that we didn't have time to tidy up. If all the players could decide if you have any decisions about any of these points I'll let you act on them. Otherwise I'll assume that you just let sleeping dogs lie.

There remains a few loose ends to this adventure that weren’t covered in play, including:
  • What was Sanitation Commissioner Stan Fullerton’s role in all this?
  • What happens to Gwendolyne Cobblepot and Lamont Merriweather, Rufus' younger brother?
  • What should be done about Snow’s hidden rooms in St. George's Episcopal Cathedral?
  • Where is Nathan Snow now?

    1. The hidden rooms aren't so hidden. After we called Lester Fudge at the Herald, he came to the service station and actually went down the tunnels to the cathedral, it's all over the front page of the Herald.

    2. What about Gwen and Lamont? With a little persuasion they could even be used against the bad guys.

      Should we say that Stan Fullerton is now hung up with a PR-nightmare as the papers portray him as a car-stealing crook?