Friday, August 30, 2013

Next Game

Reminder that the next game is Sunday, September 1 at 4pm.

We will be play-testing the ACKS system and creating characters.

We will be doing one of the ACKS options:  each person will create 5 characters.   One character will be your starting guy, two of the others will be your "back-ups" and the last two you will hand over to me as NPCs or henchmen.

If your main guy and both back-ups end up dead or retired, you will create 5 new ones.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


We're about to start a new campaign, with a new game system, and I was wondering:  How do you guys come up with a personality/idea for your characters?  Do you come up with an idea of what you're looking to make before you start rolling stats? Do you wait until you get the stats rolled up, choose a class, and get a name before you decide what the character is like?  Or do you just make up the character, and let the personality sort of create itself during game play?

Myself, I base most of my characters (and/or their names) on characters from movies, tv shows, and books.  I've run a bard named Jack Burton (from Big Trouble in Little China), a fighter named Madmartigan (from Willow), and a robot named Tom Servo (from MST3K). 

Occasionally I'd make a character based off of class/race/skill combinations, usually to a cartoonish extreme.  A fire priest named Friar Ash (my personal favorite...every fight we got into I would shout 'WE MUST PURIFY THEM WITH THE HOLY FLAME!' in a horrific warbly voice), my dwarf fighter Badaxe Jack, or Old Doc Spurlock from Traveler.

For ACKS, I read (and re-read) the books, checking out the various class/skill combinations.  A lot of what kind of character I make will be based on what kind of stats I roll up.  I've been watching Metalocalypse a lot lately, and I've been thinking about making a couple of characters with Dethklok band names.  Frankly, the idea of playing a dwarven Fury named Murderface makes me giggle a little, as does a magic-user named Nathan Explosion.  Of course I've also been reading a few Warhammer novels about this super-powerful, super-evil necromancer...and, well, I've never run a necromancer before.

So how do you guys do it?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quotes from the Final Battle

Of course, there's always Robert's "I'll take a shot at a crab person to try to save Frank Sinatra's life."

But there was also Zach's  "Crab People are the worst sort of people."

Add more....

Battle Pictures

I'd suggest clicking on all of the battle pictures in the previous 10 posts.  They look bigger and clearer when you click on each picture.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Battle of Scarptown #10--Old Cookie Swanson and Spuds Markey prepare the cannon

The Battle of Scarptown #9--The Mutant Cannibals

The Battle of Scarptown #8--The Monkey Wagon with Machinegun

The Battle of Scarptown #7 Crab People, Crab People

The Battle of Scarptown #6-- The Hareballs and Nut-Spanky

The Battle of Scarptown #5--The Spankies Attack!

The Battle of Scarptown #4--The Red Squad at the Ready

The Battle of Scarptown #3---The Green Squad at the Ready

The Battle of Scarptown #2--The Militia take up position

The Battle of Scarptown #1: The battlefield is set

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Awesome Character Name Idea

Today I saw a hockey player with one of the most awesome sci-fi character names ever. Allow me to share this gem. Shattenkirk You're welcome.

Next Session

Grand Finale of Mutants and Muskets will be Sunday, August 18th. Special Time: We will start playing at 12:00 noon, and finish up by 6:00pm Bonus: I'll make some sandwiches, so lunch is on me (and we'll count on being done before dinner)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Kind of a bummer

It was kind of a bummer to lose Weasel Lockspur after all this time.  He wasn't particularly useful, but was always there.  Yeah, that's the ticket.