Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sunday's Game

For Sunday's game, have anyone given any thought to what characters you are interested in playing? I've got three adventures planned, and each has a different flavor.

  • Strike Breakers - The PCs must investigate why serfs refuse to work the ginster fields right at the critical harvest time! This adventure requires some diplomacy skills with some muscle to back it up.
  • Mage's Fortress - The doors to a ruined Smirkenburg fortress have been thrown open, unleashing abominations near Wulf's Swamp. PCs will have to do a little dungeon crawl to unravel this secret while perhaps making some side money completing the survey of the province.
  • Two Houses Alike in Dignity - Nobles with more money than sense want to dick one another over during the ginster harvest. This adventure screams for unscrupulous skullduggery to show that in cases where noblemen quarrel, it is only the opportunists who prosper.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Upcoming Game Schedule

Because of various scheduling issues, I will have to depart from our regular 2-week schedule for the next 3 months.   Here are the dates I will be opening the doors of the fabulous Leaderton Estates for games:

April:   15th and 29th

May:  6th and 20th

June:  3rd and 24th

Notice 1-week gap between April 29 and May 6
Notice 3-week gap between June 3 and 24

Friday, March 30, 2018

Buildings Updates

I've updated the Buildings section of the Krondor Wiki to add my 10 new crappy primitive huts, and my stone church building.   More structures for your shopping pleasure.

Thursday, March 29, 2018


I was looking at a 5e message board and reading a long post about how the weapons table was messed up, especially the spears.

That just gave me a flashback to the old Eric Noah 3rd edition website/forum (The ancestor of the EN World Site), where I put a complaint about the way they handled spears in 3rd edition.

And then Gary Gygax himself posted and called me a putz.   (Not in those exact words).

Monday, March 26, 2018

Action Shots: Bard Action in Newport

 Flex Macho and Gorgon Zola are given vague hints by the Good Fairy
Flex, Gorgon and Brother Thunder prepare to confront the skeletons

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Victory is Mine, Deus Vult

Saturday I went to the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society(East) winter convention (Cold Wars).  I did 2 hours of serious shopping (see Doctor Skull's Workshop for a catalogue of my acquisitions).

Then I played in a miniatures game, The Siege of Acre, about a Crusader assault on the Syrian town of Acre.   A British teenager and I were the crusader side, and two other old guys were the Muslims inside.

Our plan was to use our 4 huge siege towers as basically a feint, drawing all their heavy fire, and concentrating their defenses on one end of the wall, while we used ladders to assault a tower on the far end.  

My teammate, however pressed home the attack with the siege towers, however, he just couldn't not use them, and pressed them the whole way to the wall, temporarily got some men in, before all 4 towers were destroyed.   However, the plan worked pretty well.   I put all my knights and billmen on the far right and rushed the tower, climbed it with ladders, cleared it and held it.  

Our 3 trebuchets blew open the front gate, and then destroyed a tower next to the one I took, this allowed all our archers to charge forward and rake the courtyard behind it.  We finally brke their resistance and won the day, praise God and not our strength for it.

I think the game master found me to be a little annoying.   Our side had 3 types of troops:  knights, billmen and archers.  Every time one of our billmen got killed I would say "Bill, Nooooo!"   Every time one of our billmen would do something cool, I would chant "Bill, Bill, Bill."

Above:  My half of the line advances toward the wall.   My knights and billmen clumped on the right long line of archers in the middle.
My knights hold the tower, while billmen hurry to support