Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Campaign Notes: Travel Times to Major Towns


WORM'S FERRY TO or FROM JORVIKBURG (23 miles, with trail)
Fast: 1 day on foot/wagon , ½ day on horse
Normal: 1-1/2 day on foot/wagon, 2/3 day on horse
Careful: 2 days on foot/wagon, 1 day on horse

KINGSTON TO or FROM JORVIKBURG (47 miles, with trail)
Fast: 2 days on foot/wagon , 1 day on horse
Normal: 3 days on foot/wagon, 1-1/2 day on horse
Careful: 4 days on foot/wagon, 2 day on horse

KINGSTON TO or FROM WORM'S FERRY (70 miles, with trail)
Fast: 3 days on foot/wagon , 1-1/2 day on horse
Normal: 4-1/2 days on foot/wagon, 2-1/3 days on horse
Careful: 6 days on foot/wagon, 3 days on horse

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Assault on the Manor at Worm's Ferry

On January 9, 1130, a party of 10 housecarls of the Earl of Jorvik, led by Angus McNasty assaulted the manor house at Worm's Ferry, which had fallen into the hands of bandits.

Pictured below,  Taffy the Welsh thief scouts the second floor entrance, peering into the window of the bandit captain's bedroom.  This would later prove a very dangerous position to Wulfric and Duda.   At the ground, Welshie stands guard with his warbow.  A donkey cart has been put into position in front of the south door.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Bob and Dave's Tentative Adventure

Bob and I created a pair of characters each and did a short adventure, hunting down stinking cattle thieves.  Below, you can see the ill-gotten cattle penned up at the bandit's hide out:
The link below leads to the pdf of the session log:
Jorvik 1 log

Thursday, July 2, 2020

New Campaign Character Creation Page

Find rules for creating a new adventurer in the new Eldritch Earth: Five Hacks campaign here! Choose from one of fifteen archetypes in this retroclone games based on D&D 5th Edition.

New Campaign Gear Book Ready

Go to this link:  Equipment Page for a the most important combat gear, but near the top there is a PDF copy of the entire gear book for your downloading pleasure.