Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Premise for the Next Campaign, Obviously

The Important News for what is to come

From the Daily Tribune, May 23, 1934

Rash of Arsons Sweep City

by Harry Lipshitz
Over the last few weeks, a series of arsons have been committed across Gotham.   Police refuse to consider that they are related, but the repeated use of massive amounts of jellied gasoline and other accelerants seem to argue otherwise.  The Grand Haberdasherium suffered significant damage and will be closed for weeks.  A cab, belonging to 

Isuzu Wakasashi was destroyed in its overnight lot.  The house of Mildred Johnson, mother of the late Walter Johnson, was burnt to the ground.  Noted scientist Dr. Marcel Mattieu is in the hospital with extensive burns over 75% of his body.  This menace must be stopped!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Even More Blasts from More Pasts

I've spent a bunch of time reviewing old logs (through the Lords of Hack main site, History Links).
I think that Dave Hanley was with us up to Slipstream (2010). 

I actually really liked the Wilderlands of Hack campaign, despite the fact that it was short and we had real attendance issues.   The adventures were a lot of fun and some neat stuff happened.   Slipstream seemed a bit disjointed.   It seemed we didn't have a lot of agency on our end about what happened.

Gatavia III was just awesome.   The two things that were broken were the economy, it seemed an interesting feature, but ended up being more of a bug.   The upkeep fees were just insane, and the domain stuff was more trouble than they were worth.    Second, the summoning magic was just broken.   Every problem could be solved by throwing a hydra or a horde of summoned berserkers at it.  But, the characters were great, the adventures were varied and interesting.

Mutants and Muskets was also a lot of fun.   It was filled with all kinds of crazy, and at the same time had a good sense of the feel of dangerous overland travel, plus crab people.  Remember Cookie's 'Puma Steaks"?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Blast from the Past

Each day at school we have what is called "Wildcat Period" for a half hour at the end.   We each offer different activities: study halls, tutoring, etc.   Every once in a while I offer "Dr. Nelson's Story Time", where I read a story aloud.   It turned out to be harder than I thought it might be to find something that fits into 25 minutes or so.  

This past Friday, I had been reading over some old game logs in my spare time and had a Story Time coming up.   I decided to read the log to the second episode of the Skull Collectors' campaign (ACKS), where Brother Punchy, Murderface and Rotwang murdered the guy they were supposed to rescue and got outlawed from Portchester for the rest of the campaign. 

It went over like gangbusters, the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Scoreboard Update: Queen of Fate

After the Queen of Fate Adventure, the Sons of David gang have increased their damage score to 67, our new leaders as most busted up.   Their condition, however, remains standard, the iron hand of Izzy Mandelbaum keeping the gang on course.   Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Scoreboard Update and More

1--Scoreboard Update:

As predicted, the Disciples of the Bound Devil passed the 50 damage mark and I rolled on the chart.   They have become Demoralized and have a -1 to all Spirit Checks from now until they next have to roll.

2--Action Shot 1
 The Disciples approach from one side, while the Ghost Dragon ninjas on the other, the Wound Raven Gangsters are in Real Trouble

3--Action Shot 2:

Suds O'Brien and his top men return to their cars after robbing the Silver Moon, but wait, is that the Rhombus Mobile they hear in the distance?  They might be in for trouble.

Action Shot 3:

Here is the artist's rendering of the horror that Dr. Rhombus saw emerge from the Grimsby Building. What could this dread monster be?