Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Smirkenburg Mines

The Smirkenburg mines are a complex of natural and man-made caves abandoned over a century ago. It was started by colony of early settlers from a northern city-state named “Smirkenburg” who had settled areas throughout Krondor only to abandon them unexpectedly. There are rumors of other ruins from antiquity that might be found across the island. The mines are tucked in the rough cliffs and highlands above the rocky western shores of Newport Bay. Each of the The twenty-six mine entrances are identified simply by a letter. They are spread across a two-mile square area just above the cliffs overlooking the bay.

I expect we'll have the "Smirkenburg Temples" or "Smirkenburg Caverns" as well. Basically anytime we want some sort of randomly generated content we can all play. For Sunday, I've got an assortment of 26 random caverns for us to explore.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Grand Unified Random Encounter System


When to draw:

  • Each outdoor square the party passes through
  • Each day a group spends scouting an outdoor square
  • Each night spent encamped outdoors
  • Each 4 hours spent roaming around in a town or village during the day
  • Each turn spent up to no good in a settlement at night

Card Result:

Joker:  DM’s Choice/Special:  if PC spends inspiration, then PC’s choice

Spades: no encounter

Ace/Face Card: A hostile creature is perceived, but not encountered. Perhaps the PCs see spoor or the remains of a victim or hear a noise in the distance.

Number Card: A weather change event

Hearts:  potential helpful encounter

            Ace:  helpful healing hermit, cleric, druid

            King:  spirit or fey creature with helpful advice

            Queen:  convenient shelter or unknown dungeon

            Jack: helpful peddler with things to sell

            Number Card:  deer or wild boar to hunt, if desired, good pick pocketing target

Diamonds: encounter with humans or demi-human locals

            Ace:  Noble, Knights or Leaders with soldiers

            Face Card:   Patrol (Knights, Archers and/or Guards or the like as appropriate)

            Odd numbered Card:   thieves, bandits, cultists, perhaps disguised as commoners

            Even numbered card:   commoners doing their business

Clubs:   potentially hostile encounter


            Ace/Face Card:  serious monster (probably owlbears), coming right for you

            Odd Number Card: Orc or goblinoid raiders

            Even Number Card:  other wilderness monster (use Xanathar’s Guide)


            Ace/Face Card:  Potentially hostile NPC with entourage

            Odd Number Card:  The Town Watch

            Even Number Card:  roll city encounter from Xanathar’s Guide

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


While I find 3rd and 5th edition Multi-classing to be kind of cheesy.  I reckon I really don't have a strong enough reason to demand that we not use it.   I would suggest that if you take a level in a new class, you have to spend one session inactive first.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Next Game

If it interests all of you, I would like to volunteer to start play "in medias res" with this job offered by the Harbormaster.

"About an hour's boat ride out is a beacon built by the Royal Krondor Trading Company just in the past decade to keep ships from joining the graveyard of trading vessels who have run aground navigating in rocks just below the surface in the dark. It has been manned by a keeper and his servant, and would receive supplies weekly to keep the beacon burning each night during sailing season. This season alone, the beacon has already been attacked twice. Each time the keeper was found murdered and the beacon sacked of all obvious valuables. I think it's an inside job since the past two servants were halflings - probably associated with the pirates who regularly sail these waters! Also, some really valuable stuff was left up on the high shelves. Those punters are short!"

"I can't station a whole garrison of troops there. They would be too obvious, and the pirates wouldn't make their move. Instead, I want a group of rat-catchers like yourselves to hide in the beacon and counterattack once something smells fishy. Take the fight back to these pirates! If you can keep the beacon lit throughout fifth-month, you can keep anything you take from the pirates and I'll see that those of you who last are paid 150 gold each."

If we have time after this adventure, we will do a "lightning round" discussing what we all want to do with our downtime characters, and perhaps mount an expedition to the abandoned Smirkenburg Mine directly to the West across Newport Harbor (SQUARE V29).

Game Schedule

Our next game is Sunday, December 17, which is just fine, will go as planned.

The next game would be December 31, which is New Years Eve, and obviously doesn't work.

I'm inclined to have the game on Monday January 1, at 4 pm.   I know not everyone could make it, but I have to take Annie back to school the following Sunday.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Game Notes

Maintenance for first few games:   I think it would be best to not worry about maintenance for the next game, maybe two.    Let's say that we all cashed in some money from the ship wreckage and spent it on living expenses.    We all will have maximum hit points for the rest of "Fifth-month" (May) and we will have the in-game calendar move at a slow pace for a game or two.   When "Fifth-Month" is over, then we will start paying monthly expenses and rolling hit points.

Mandatory Rest:   I do want to institute the mandatory rest rule.   If your character is brought to 0 hit points during a game session, he must rest the next session (unless we stop in mid-quest out in wilderness or dungeon) and you must play one of your other characters.    We will ignore this rule for events that happened last session, but starting next game the rule becomes effective.