Friday, November 13, 2020

Almost Awesome

I was looking around on Amazon for model castles and the like.   I found a bunch by a Spanish company called "Aedes Ars" (Latin for Building Art).   They make a ton of really beautiful medieval buildings for a more or less reasonable price:

Above is one kit  with 2 models for about $70, nice looking and approximately game appropriate scale (a little smaller).

Then I looked at the "approximate number of pieces" which clocked in at like 3400!!!!!
Wait, what?

It turns out that you get cardboard pieces that assemble to the shape of the building, then glue on tiny ceramic pieces, shaped almost to fit (you have to sand some of them) that mimic the look of the stone.  Apparently, from checking around, they give you just enough pieces, so don't drop any (but they're apparently cool about sending extras).   

Even dedicated scale modelers say "these take a long time".

Maybe when I retire I'll get one to build, probably take the rest of my life.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Deadman's Town--Sector 2

 Deadman's Town, Sector 2 will be ready for all future adventure sessions.  Since you guys had been taken there by portal the session before last, I'll post the pictures below.   You can reach it by entering the portal in the large obelisk in sector 1 (inserting an Atlantean Orb), or by walking overland, which takes about an hour.

This area is rated at Danger-Rating 2:  meaning that the typical encounter has 3d6+1 HD of bad guys and about 150gp of treasure (apart from the hoard of the level--rated at 1000gp per HD of the "boss").   Up till now you've been doing DR 1 encounters (1d6+2 HD,  50gp) as the standard.  So, I'd suggest having some or most of you being 2nd level and having a few retainers before going there.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

On Retainers

 Just thought I'd remind everyone about the rules for retainers, since we are beginning to acquire enough cash to be interested in them and many of us are coming close to 2nd level and might want to branch out into more dangerous areas with more treasure.

I have a good retainer deck ready.

Here are the Rules from the Wiki:


PCs are powerful leaders, and as such will acquire NPCs in their service. Retainers are controlled by the GM, but given orders by their PC commander. Retainers generally demand 10gp or more per HD per day for service under dangerous conditions and a fraction of that if serving in a less stressful capacity.  

A PC can’t command more than their Charisma score in retainers.

Retainers only advance in skill and power under certain circumstances.

Commentary:  On an adventure, the retainers get 10 gp per HD per day, but do not get a share of treasure.  Generally, when the adventure is over the retainers depart.   For Chester Porkins who lives in Worm's Ferry, or for laborers or militia recruited from a PC lord's own land, recruiting the same guys again is easy.   If you want to keep a retainer for the down-time, you only need to pay him 1gp per HD per day for the time between adventures.  This is cut in half if you can house the retainer.


If players want to recruit Retainers or Henchmen, they must spend at least a week of time and money in town. During this time, they are doing their best to find able-bodied free men interested in work.

Retainers are all created from one of the retainer classes and are hired from the retainer deck. If players want to recruit Retainers, spend 1 week (and maintenance) looking. In Kingston, roll 2D6 adding the player's CHA bonus to the roll for the number of retainers drawn from the deck. In smaller towns, roll 1D6 plus CHA bonus. In a village roll 1D4, but only Laborers will be available. Retainers expect 10gp per HD per day and are hired for a single expedition.

The Retainer Classes:

Laborers:  Mostly used to carry stuff, usually poorly armed and equipped

Militia: used for fighting, usually come with a few pieces of poor equipment, but can be given or loaned better gear.

Experts:  usually have skill in 3 different specific areas (hunters, thieves, alchemists etc).

Adepts:   either Monks (with divine spells) or Conjurors (with arcane spells)).

Saturday, October 17, 2020

A Letter to Father Kildare

 Dear Father Kildare, parish priest of Worm's Ferry,

It is with gladness in my heart, that I've heard that your church will be ready for Easter on April 6th, while the duties as bishop will keep me at the cathedral on that most holy of days, I am pleased to tell you that Archdeacon Festus will be there in person to witness you performing the Easter Mass.  I'm sure you will not fail me or God.

          Humbly  Yours in Christ,

          Bishop Oswald

Monday, October 5, 2020

Retroactive XP awards

The character advancement has been slow.   While I like slow advancement, it's getting a bit too slow.   I've decided to add a per session award to the gold.  It should speed things up some, but not overwhelmingly so.   

Basically, if you show up and play, your active character gets 200xp, and your inactive character gets 100xp.   If you don't show, your characters get 50xp each.

I've calculated the awards retroactively and applied them to each character.

Wulfric:  1300

Johnny: 1000

Angus:  950

Sean: 850

Raoul: 950

Duda:  650

Neil: 800

Taffy: 700

Welshie:  900

Father Siegfried: 600

Father Kildare: 750

Tariq:  750

Tuesday, August 18, 2020