Friday, July 20, 2012

Interactive Sensors Display

I had considered creating a Web-based version of the Star Trek Interactive Sensors Display for several games. If I were to create one for Traveller would you guys use it?

It would basically allow the GM to "program" a science reading into a website (either in advance or on the fly) then allow the Science Officer player read and interpret their sciencey-findings to the other PCs.

I would be happy to make one in my spare time, but I wanted to get some buy in from you all before hand since it would require the GM to either do some science prep ahead of time or have a computer at the table.

Furthermore, this problem could also easily be remedied just by giving the Science Officer player a note. Perhaps it is overkill?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rhylanor Subsector

Here's a link to information about the subsector. I'll make sure to do some research about the history of the Universe so we don't end up showing up at the wrong place with a Sword Worlds ship again.