Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yoesville Civil Messaging Service

Mayor Clovis of Yoesville has created a "pony express" style messaging service serving all of Yoesville with links to Rageburg, Squatter's Corners, Noviodunum, Pickerville, Diggers, and Fort Hydra. The system is built with the idea of keeping the entire coalition informed of any incoming threats as well as keeping the horrors of Village Primal under close watch. The messaging service will be known as the Yoesville Civil Messaging Service and it consists of:
  • 90 miles of trails (4500gp)
  • 25 servicemen (300 gp/month)
  • 40 Light Horse with tack and saddle (3400gp)
  • 10 Roadhouses (3000gp)

    Civilians may use the service, offsetting the costs a bit. However, there will always be a rider of "last resort" for communication between any of the Skull Collectors.

    Yoesville will pay an upkeep on all this infrastructure at the cost of 545gp/month (5% of the initial investment) plus the servicemen' salary for a total of 845gp/month.

    Mayor Clovis is putting out a call for any who want to serve as scouts for the coalition to join up to keep an eye on any movements from Portchester to the North, the Wormcult to the West, the Therks to the South, and the forces of Dengwur to the East.

    1. decius and sindrain would be perfect scouts for this

      while its not mentioned in the books im sure the tracking ability can be used to identify what the tracks are

    2. I should start using Muttering Osborn as a scout sometimes. His totem animal is a raven and he can talk to it, plus shapechange into a Raven. He can't shapechange back in the same day yet, but we have other people that can speak to animals if we are desperate. I had kind of forgotten that Muttering Osborn could do that.

    3. Yes, scouts are becoming more important to the Skull Collector's coalition -- a group I'm just now coining as: The Skull Coalition (tm)