Monday, February 9, 2015


Now that Knobutown has been annexed as a vassal state of Rageburg, I've created it in ACKS accounting terms. Rageburg will receive 182gp/month in tribute from the gnomes of Knobutown in exchange for defense of their village and vault.

Knobutown Domain

10 square miles
~1.5 mile radius

Includes an underground vault settlement - Class VI
Led by the Great and Mighty Knobulous, 9th level Gnome Trickster with a 17 Charisma

7gp/family land revenue
65 families
910 gp/month gross - Land, Services, Taxes


The citizens of Knobutown are steadfast in their support of their leader which contributes to their output and makes it hard for spies and thieves to operate.

Underground Vault with above ground medium round tower entrance - 72500gp
Upkeep Cost: 362.5gp/month

Settlement Urban Investment - 10000gp
The urban vault is largely empty, despite the extensive investment sufficient to support a Class V market. The reason for this is because of underground incursions from the Old Ones and undead in the past. Great underground battles between the minions of Dengwur and the Old Ones have been fought beneath this ancestral home of the gnomes, sometimes spilling out into the main vault itself. After three unfortunate incidents in the past 20 years alone, no gnome dares to set foot in the deserted vault.

1 5th level Gnome Titan; 30 0-level milita cost
Garrison Cost: 490gp/month

10% of gross
91 gp

108.3 gp/month

20% of gross
182 gp/month to Rageburg

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