Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I suppose we haven't conquered ALL of the Badlands yet. Last week Gorna visited Boscoburg and got a look at what is going on there. I took the opportunity to make up some stats just in case someone wants to "go off to Smirkenburg".

The village of Boscoburg is a purely urban settlement with no stronghold. That is mostly because it is protected from harm mostly by its legendary leader, Bosco Barbie the dragon princess.

Class VI Market
Settlement Investment 20,000gp (nearly a class V market)

Led by Bosco Barbie AKA Demonstooth, a Venerable dragon with the Polymorph Self special ability.

7 gp/family urban revenue, +2 for having stalwart morale
200 families
1400 gross income

The citizens of Boscoburg live in abject fear of their leader which gives them a stalwart morale. That contributes to their output makes it hard for spies and thieves to operate.

1 5th level Halfling Pumpkin Queen; 30 0-level milita
Garrison Cost: 490gp/month


10% of gross
140 gp

333.3 gp/month


  1. Might be dragon-killin' time, but I doubt there'd be much left after.

  2. thats a 20 hit die dragon that does 5 d 8 damage
    even decius piped up and said F-THAT

    1. Wait, when did we change our name from the Skull Collectors to the Wuss Collectors?

      We've killed dragons and beholders, giants and demons, wizards and priests. We've looted the vaults of the high, and destroyed the temples of the low. Hell, we killed an army last session.

      If we want this bitch dead, we'll make her dead. Sure, bad stuff might happen, but when have we let that stop us before. We know where she is, we have an idea of what she is, and we have all the prep time we care to take.