Monday, February 16, 2015

The Hag of Hod

For the next adventure, Dave and I briefly discussed adventuring in the forest of Hod, a domain ruled by the mysterious Hag of Hod. However now that we are all closer to being a conqueror" than an "adventurer", I'm finding it hard to muster the will just to show up and kick over her anthill.

Basically, I believe that Amicus would personally need a reason to be pissed off enough to invade Hod.

Toward this end, let's consider that Mayor Clovis of Yoesville has sent his brand new hench-person Newt (a first level bard) along with a small contingent of three soldiers to Hod with an offer to join the Skull Coalition. Furthermore, the missive will offer a trade agreement with Hod whereby Yoesville may set up a trading post within Hod's main settlement and in return a road will be built to it linking to the Badlands Trail.

Maybe we at least get a glimpse of what Hod is like, or maybe I shouldn't bother making actual stats for Clovis' first henchman. We'll have to see.

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