Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trolling for 5th edition

Scrolling through various websites like I am oft want to do, I came across this little important tidbit.

Basically, Wizards of the Coast is gearing up for a 5th edition of dungeons and dragons after maybe four or five years (they are planning on releasing it in 2013) of 4th edition.

As for myself, I have to say I'm incredibly 'meh' about this whole thing. I got excited about gaming again after so many years, that I spent (what was for me) way too much time and money on a system that I hadn't really played before. By the time I realized I didn't actually like 4th edition, I had already bought half a dozen books, which also coincided with the time that our group actually stopped playing 4th edition (and we, as a group, haven't looked back since...though I think there are a few Lords of Hack that play it in other groups).

The only thing that's got me even the slightest bit interested is that Wizards of the Coast is actually looking for input from players. As much as our group disliked 4th edition, there were a few things we actually liked. I think we all liked that there was always something for everybody to do, other than swing a sword or throw a dart. But I believe our basic consensus was that it just didn't feel like the D&D we were all so familiar with (and I, personally, felt it played a lot like World of Warcraft).

I'll be interested to see how this turns out, I might even participate in their input session at some point, but I could happily do without it. I think we like to modify things somewhat, and I never felt that 4th edition allowed that too easily.

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  1. I'm kind of underwhelmed myself. I suppose the upshot of all this is that 4e books will stop selling, and that it will soon be time for me to swoop in and take the cheap leftovers.