Monday, January 9, 2012

Kings of Orion - Political Map of the Galaxy

The Kings of Orion game is set against a brewing interstellar civil war that has torn the Kingdom of Orion to bits. In order to reflect the changes that go on "behind the scenes" away from the play we do during games I've created a kind of "political" map of the known kingdom featuring "neighborhoods" of planets. You can see the neighborhood of Orion in the center of the map, marked grey since it is being held in neutrality by the Pope. All around Orion the planetary "neighborhoods" have basically chosen sides and are just beginning to struggle in the first steps of war. The Quanset cloud is also shown positioned right between Juke and Lothar space. The size of the "neighborhood" also describes how civilized/important that section of space is to the Kingdom.

I'll continue to bring this map up and display changes as the war rages on during the campaign. With any luck, the player characters should have a hand in redrawing this map to their own liking.

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