Monday, January 23, 2017

Wiki Updates and Enemies

I made a series of updates to the wiki Look Here, including the stats for our ugly Chinese Swordsman
and updates on the Belgian Grudge against Puma Man and the Chinese Grudge against Two Chains, and even some more on Rosco Snow's grudge against Captain Avalanche.  

This brings up a discussion of Enemies.   So far, I see we have two minor enemies (Puma Man v Belgians,  Captain Freemont v Rosco Snow) and 1 major enemy (Two Chains v Chinese Gangs).

I think we need to nail down how this will work from now on.  Perhaps, we do it this way, if it is a Minor Enemy, when you draw a Jack the enemy appears, but only once per session.   If it is a Major Enemy, then every time you draw a Jack, the enemy appears.

I hadn't realized that Two Chains had a major enemy last session, and the frequency of Puma Man's seemed a bit much for a minor hindrance, but those are water under the bridge now.

NEEDS:  I still need stats for Friday Jones and Rusty Keys for the wiki.


  1. One might argue that the Belgian's second arrival helped the Pumaman?

  2. Sister Cobblepot has a minor hinderance that includes her oath to the Catholic church, so there could be interesting situations where she could be asked to do something by the church that might not necessarily be in line with the Team C's goals.

  3. Should we make up a "Monseigneur McFussy" who shows up at inconvenient times with a distraction? Maybe 1 in 4 chance per investigative turn or something like that? Anyone, anyone, Bueller?

  4. ???

    I thought that's what Mr. Scraps the dog was for.

  5. Sorry, he'd be specifically a Mother Superior distraction, a "Monseigneur" is a rank in the church with considerable supervisory powers. So, he would show up with some church task at a triggered time.

    1. Aha! Very well. I didn't get the connection!

  6. I like to think that the flaming Evil Donald Pleasances ruined the national Belgian waffle festival there.

    1. Actually, strike that. Belgium has a horrible history of just god-awful things, and Belgium Waffles isn't actually a thing there.

      Belgium is responsible for:
      1) King Leopold the 2nd, whose regime killed about 10 million Africans.
      2) The Smurfs.
      3) Jean Claude Van Damme.

      Actually, now that I think about it, Jean Claude Van Damme would be an awesome name for a bounty hunter (JEAN CLAUDE GOSH DARN!).