Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Personal Gear Item

When we play the campaign, most gear that you used will be drawn from the team Armory.   However, each player character picks one piece of gear that he gets as his own personal possession.  This piece will be automatically replaced at the end of a session if it is lost or destroyed.  It could be a standard weapon, such as a rifle or machinegun, or a vehicle or even something consumable, like a bundle of dynamite.  Check through the gear catalogues for ideas.   If you decide on something, let me know and I'll make sure I have a card for you ready.   Below is a sample:

Bullet-Proof Nun’s Habit
Encumbrance   14
Armor:  +2
Armor vs. Bullets:  +4
Coverage:   All
Material: silk and wool

Andrew, if the encumbrance is too high, we can reduce it to 10 and reduce the bullet proof coverage to just the torso (making it the equivalent to a quality bullet-proof vest).


  1. Yeah. Sister Maria can't carry more than 20, and an ultra-heavy habit (while awesome) would be a little hefty. Really, I was just looking for one of those quality bulletproof vests and sewing it into the habit. I figure she'll always be vulnerable to called shots with her face uncovered.

  2. I can just change the stats and we can use the card, it's too great a concept not to have its own card

  3. Does the Puma-Man's belt/costume afford him any bulletproofing?