Sunday, January 1, 2017

Heavy Weapon Appendix

I've added an appendix for the Gun Catalogue, it is one page containing the following 4 weapons:  A British Anti-Tank rifle,  a Polish anti-tank Rifle, a mortar and a 75mm howitzer.  You can find it on the equipment page of the To a Bloody Pulp wiki.

Anti-tank rifles were used to attack tanks up to early WW2, since before 1942 or so, tanks basically sucked.   In our period,  bazookas and the like had not been invented, so we needed some more things to attack tanks, armored cars, and other Heavy Armor vehicles.

Boys Anti-Tank Rifle (UK)

Caliber:  .55   Range: 24/48/96

Damage:   2d10  AP 4    HW

ROF:  1                 Hi-Recoil

Encumbrance 45   Min Str 1d8

P.S. I even have a miniature of a guy holding one of these bad boys.

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