Friday, January 27, 2017

Playing with my Toys at School: Living the Dream

Two years ago I had made a historical miniatures battle-game for the Battle of Dorylaeum in the First Crusade.  It was in connection with the Latin 4 and 5 class reading the Gesta Francorum, an early Latin source for the Crusade's history.   Since this year I'm back to the Gesta Francorum again, I broke it out and 9 of my students stayed after school for 2 hours and played it Thursday night.   Much better attendance than 2 years ago, and it was a really good time.   The Crusaders beat the Turks, 7 points to 6.  Deus Vult.  The miniatures were all 1/72 scale soft plastic (inexpensive and very easy to transport), the paint jobs held up perfectly.  Soft plastic is notorious for having paint flake off, but with the Krylon Fusion primer, made for plastic, it holds on nicely.

The Battle Begins:

The Battle Rages:

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  1. That looks really fun. You are the coolest teacher!