Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sunday's Game: Batting Around Ideas

Because of the need to do advanced prep for a proper adventure, Andrew and I had discussed moving the campaign into a little more structured mode for DMing.   I had suggested we follow the following pattern:  session 1--Dave DM,  session 2---Andrew DM,  session 3--random/DM-less game.   Since, by coincidence, that's how our first 5 sessions shook out.  This way both Andrew and I get to play a character 2 out of 3 sessions, and the two of us get to be players together 1 out of 3 (a rare occurrence otherwise).

When either Andrew or I DM, you guys will still have adventure choice, but only the DM's job leads will be on the Job Board.   If you go to one of the Smirkenburgs or have your own quest, that's still fine.

Jason said he wants to run an adventure some time.  If so, he can just shoehorn himself in as it seems best, if he wants to join the rotation, he can do that too.   Same with Miles or anyone else.

Okay, about this Sunday's game.  It's scheduled to be a Random Game.   There are a few ideas I had about it:

  • Nothing happens unless Players make it happen. The job board is going to be bare.  It's the beginning of the Ginster harvest, and all eyes are on that.   If we don't decide what our characters want to do, nothing happens.
  • We have some things to clean up from the past:   Finding the Wolf Chalice in the Dwarf Hole (Marlon's warlock should want to do this, since it is probably one of his heirlooms);  Mapping the Wulfswamp  (hey, a lot of wolves going on).
  • Old Fashioned Random Dungeons:  we can go back to Caer Smirken or Smirkenburg Mines  the main advantage here is everyone is working together on the same adventure at the same time and we can get through a large number of encounters.
  • Personal Plans:  I know that Sir Roderick would really like a horse and to capture some settlement of evil and make it a proper home and beacon of righteousness.   Other people may want to rip off some money from the Royal Krondor Company or Frank's Golden House of Wonders.   We don't of necessity all have to be doing the same thing at the same time, as long as we keep things moving and don't focus one scene for too long (maybe having a focus timer).  This could get wild and crazy, but might also get messy.

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