Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kings of Orion - Preview

A preview of the Kings of Orion Player's Guide is now available on the Lords of Hack server. Please feel free to download and check it out.

If anyone has some Dark Secrets to add, or is interested in helping to build out the Succession of Kings, or has any questions or additions please post a comment here.



  1. Have you deliberately left out the "Kongs", i.e, the super-big apemen, this time?

    Also, "Capitol" should be "Capital" in nearly every occurance. Spelled with an "o" it can only refer to a government HQ building, or the hill that that building stands upon, otherwise it must be spelled with an "A".

    I'd suggest dumping the Kevlar. All those conditional, special rules get to be a pain in the ass, especially when the bad guys, or hench-chumps are using them.

  2. Thanks for looking it over. I've updated it to change that "capitol/capital" issue. That was odd because I changed that based on what I thought was a spell-checker error. It turns out I was just spelling "capital" wrong.

    As you suggested, I modified kevlar to remove the conditional rules. Now it just provides a flat +3 armor, while a flak jacket provides a flat +4.

    Speaking of making things easy, you'll notice that I removed armor piercing from much of the personal missile weapons as well. Basically, unless the weapon was designed to penetrate armor (like an anti-tank round or something) I just added any armor-piercing into the damage for the weapon. I figured that in 99% of the cases targets would be wearing some sort of armor anyway, and those who didn't...well they should die quickly anyway.

    I *did* make a choice to remove Kongs as a player character option, but they are not out of the game entirely. You'll find a Kong henchman or two that you might be able to employ as your own.