Thursday, December 29, 2011

Putting Nigel to Bed

I was just putting Nigel to bed for the campaign winter, and since I should answer to someone, I just wanted to give a quick sketch of what I did with him.

I paid my 5% dues to the Order of Shadows.

1 paid maintence for Nigel, Judas, Wulfgang and my home lackies for January, February and March.

I bought a replacement for my horse (El Destructo) and for Wulgang and Judas' horses.
I replaced the 2 first level scrolls I used on the adventure by scribing new ones.

I re-armed Wulfgang in better gear, re-carded him as "Trusty Wulfgang" and installed him as bailiff of my wooden great hall,.  I bought a bunch of furniture for the great hall too.

I gave Slippery Judas 1500gp.  He spent 1000gp to get 500xp.  He kept 200gp for spending money, and spent 300gp to write 3 first level scrolls (magic missile x2, jump x1).

I hung my pictures of Blastocles and Septimus's mom in my gallery and created a secret spot to store my arsenal of magic weapons (+1 whip, +1 spear, +2 poleaxe), for safe-keeping between adventures.

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