Sunday, November 9, 2014


Here's the "Plan" for next game, as I see it now:

First we have a down-time session.   Andrew will manage a Lightning Round and we cover somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks of recruiting, shopping and/or research.

Then, we split the party:

Group 1:
Rotwang, Murderface, Tiberio, and Rinaldo will attack Castle Graf.
Dave will set up the scenario, with Andrew, Marlon, Toby and whoever else shows playing the inhabitants of the castle.

Group 2:
Amicus, the Masked Archer, Shady Jack and Split-Tongue will attempt to conquer Diggers. 
Jason will judge with Bob, Tim and Robert playing various guardians of Diggers.
If things look a bit light attendance-wise, perhaps we can have Robert play Decius or Manfred on this assault rather than running some bad guys..

Judges should be looking at really just 2-3 encounters worth of action at each location, rather than a full dungeon expedition.

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  1. I'll aim to finish the lightning round in under the first hour. Let's do this!