Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bandits in Yoesville!

As Yoesville enters its second season, Amicus is pleased to see that the settlement has increased in morale and value. With any luck it should continue to prosper. However, I'm afraid that the remainder of the domain of Yoesville is bent out of shape at having to accept Jupiter's grace and a few malcontents have started to turn to banditry - 284 of them to be exact.

With the addition of the Hydra Mercenary Company to the ranks of the garrison of Yoesville, Amicus is certain that he should be able to "contain" the problem. However, he would still welcome the help of any heroes who are in need of some walking around money. Amicus will offer 1000 gold coins for any 6-8 level character who will aid in Yoesville's defense for the months of June, July, and August.

Keep in mind that Amicus isn't looking to slay all these lowlifes. He just wants to make some clear examples of the ringleaders to persuade these lawfuls to go back to their farms. That's all.

As a historical note, the following characters were paid 1K gold for the following months in the past (except for Decius and Beavis):
  • Wang (March, April, May)
  • Rotwang (March, April, May)
  • Murderface (March, April, May)
  • Masked Archer (March, April)
  • Decius (May - only 800gp)
  • Beavis (May - only 800gp)

    1. decius and beavis both currently level 6 can continue to be of assistance to this cause, manfred having just reached level 6 is eagerly awaiting his new spells and will be his primary focus for the coming months