Saturday, November 8, 2014

Goals in the Badlands

I know that Rotwang wants to seize Tower Graf and make it into Tower (Rot)wang.
Amicus wants to take over Diggers.

The Masked Archer of the Apocalypse wants to find the lost Temple of Mars Ultor in the Badlands somewhere , and hopefully within it the long-lost Tome of the Mamertine Apocalypse, in which all is revealed.   Therein he would house the Order of the Ultores, in their bid to restore the Neutral gods to supremacy and make a tidy profit doing so.

My thoughts for next week is to perhaps divide the group into 2 teams, one of which will be led by Rotwang to capture Tower Graf.  The second of which will be led by Amicus to capture Diggers.

The members of one team would "play the bad guys" against the other team.

I'll draw up Tower Graf and oversee the action there, since I already know what's going on there and who's in charge etc.

Would someone else: Jason? Bob? Tim? like to draw up what's in Diggers and run the action there?


  1. Actually, I had a little something I was throwing around that would fit the bill.

    As for Murderface's goals, he wants to make the dwarven people strong again. The dwarves are divided along religious lines, many of their previous wonders lost or in the hands of their enemies, weakened by centuries of warfare, and scattered far and wide to make their livings in squalor. Murderface knows that, with his own hand, he could fix some of these problems, but even his own long life would not be enough to see the many ills of the dwarves cured. There is but one answer: To seize the throne of the dwarven kingdom. But dwarves do not just follow anyone that gains a throne and a crown. By blood or be by deeds can dwarves become king. Murderface has no royal blood, so he must perform some great deed that would allow him to overthrow the king. Recover a lost dwarven weapon of power, sack a major city belonging to a great enemy, or slay some unspeakable monster. Dying heroically would, of course, be a another good way of spreading his message.

    1. So, Jason/Dave you will split the GM'ing duty 50/50 next game?

      I would say that we could split the party, but if Rotwang can't be in both adventure-halves I'm not sure what Bob would do. Do we put him in charge of NPC bad guys? Maybe we do one then the other?

    2. >>As for Murderface's goals, he wants to make the dwarven people strong again.

      Dave and I will probably have a conference about this. The state of the dwarven nation is fractured at best. Their time is over, the age of humanity is now.

      However, I'm intrigued by this statement. Do you really mean it?

      >>Dying heroically would, of course, be a another good way of spreading his message.

    3. I've got a thing I was planning on doing with/for Amicus in Yoeville, and with a little tweaking, it'll work with Diggers just as well.

      I've always figured that dwarves are, above all else, stubborn. They become great (great-ish, in case of Murderface) at their particular crafts, not because they have talent, but because they're too stubborn to quit. They die not just because they have tons of enemies, but because they're too busy trying to become better at their work (which also leaves them little to no time to reproduce). If Murderface wants to unite the dwarven people under a single banner again, he'll bloody well do it, even if it means killing half of them till they understand.

      Dying heroically is what Murderface was born to do. And not a lucky arrow shot in a battle, not a poisoned tankard of ale, and not being knifed by an irate whore in a back alley. I'm talking Thorin Oakenshield, Boromir, or John Wayne's Davey Crockett. Grabbing a hold of that dragon and breaking his wing at the right moment so the pair of them crash into a lava pool, holding off an army of darkness, or carving his way out from the inside of a gigantic beast. Something to write legends about, something to tell children of, something to maybe give hope to a dying race that says yes, you are still capable of great actions. Something to go 'Holy shit, that was totally a metal death!'.

  2. I'm tickled by the Tome of the Mamertine Apocalypse. I'll volunteer to GM that story line. Here's a tidbit I found:

    With my lance & sword I plough and reap; I am master of the house! The disarmed man falls at my feet and calls me Lord & Great King.

    I want to talk it over more with Dave, but I'm thinking that the stakes in such a plotline would be that the Masked Archer becomes a kingmaker -- the power behind the throne -- for just about anyone of us who wants to rule.

  3. Doesn't a mage live in tower graf? If so, Tiberio supports stealing his magical knowledge... I mean, confronting that threat to the return of the neutral gods and wants to go there with Rotwang. Especially now that Tiberio is about to graduate fully from the school of Mulfando. A powerful mage's spellbook could save him months/years of research if it has desirable spells.

    As for Tiberio's overall goals, I mentioned earlier possibly ruling Hod. However, Tiberio doesn't have his heart set on that. Someone else can go for it if they wish. When I was looking at the map it appeared that a domain around the tower of graf could expand to include Hod, so perhaps Rotwang wants it?

    After thinking about Tiberio and his goals more, I'm imagining that Tiberio wants to fall back on his Ardean heritage. He is a commoner, but with dreams of using his magical power to join the ranks of nobles. So an area where he is reestablishing/assuming control of an ancient Ardean city would be a great fit. Most of those areas are outside the badlands and would be difficult to work with logistically however, since I thought Amicus kind of called the Island of the Dead/Noviodunum at one point. In the absence of that, any unclaimed spot will do.

    Also, with reaching level 8 Tiberio needs to return to Orchester. Ideally I would like a break before starting any of these ventures. 2 weeks to get my free spells, and some travel time. While Tiberio is learning spells Helpful Bill will be recruiting mercenaries to form Hydra Company. On my carpet I can get myself and bill to Orchester in a single day, but I'd need at least 3 or 4 days on the return trip.

  4. In the Southeast corner of Gatavia province, there is the ruined city of Quinteri. Perhaps that could be your city?

    1. that would be a great fit, I was actually looking at that. I just wasn't sure if we were supposed to stay in the badlands. We haven't made it down there in this campaign yet as far as I know.

    2. The entire world of Baldgarth is our sandbox.

    3. rinaldo being convinced that pan lo was dengwur in disguise will not rest untill he has atoned for his mistakes seeks nothing but the destruction of dengwur and his forces and to claim his fortress for saturn and to show any future chaos or demonic presence that an excorcist now stands atop the memory of dengwur