Monday, November 17, 2014

Action Shots from "Split the Party" - Session 30

The adventurers assault the Tower Graf.

Meanwhile, the Masked Archer of the Apocalypse sneaks in to help liberate Diggers... Amicus' and Rinaldo's forces wait in reserve.

Sithak hired Murderface to assassinate an old drunk.

Tiberio bests a rival who accused him of passing gas. Also, this wizard loves cheese.


  1. Hey, we had a total sandbox day. Nothing we did was driven by DM plot, it was all player-driven goals: take the tower, "liberate" Diggers, plus lighting round.

  2. I agree, that this was a very unique day in our roleplaying careers.

    We should probably look into having the world "push back" on our efforts sooner or later, though. Should we have a conference to discuss exactly how and where that might happen?

  3. This session screams out for a Bosco News and Funk Report, which I'll get to soon enough.

  4. couple of my ideas were the city of portchester suspecting bad axe jack for the heist of the vault launch an attack on bad axe hold

    there was of course the killing of the prince and princess at the beginning of the campaign

  5. I'm glad the timing worked out. We could have easily had this go into extra innings. Well done crafting challenging (yet abbreviated) encounters, guys!