Friday, November 21, 2014

What's the Plan, Ray?

So, what's our plan for the next game, Sunday, December 7 (a date that might live in infamy?)
Does anyone want to call dibs on judging?  Does anyone want to call dibs on lightning round?   Does anyone have a goal they dearly need to accomplish and requires someone to judge it?


  1. i got a treasure map i can do for a lightning round and ive said id pay hackamore 15 % of gold found

    but i dearly need to get some more spells transferred into manfreds repetoire and would definitely like to try and get some more recruits
    and i imagine after murderface tiberio and rotwang took tower graf they lost alot of their henchmen they may want to get some more henchmen themself, but seeing those suggested pushback proposals id like to try and make sure we and badaxe hold dont get attacked by portchester

    my suggestion is try and get the old ones and port chester to attack each other

  2. "Pushback" is certainly on my mind, too. Here's my proposal. How about if we have a huge "lightning round", where we go week-to-week?

    I really like the idea of the pushback "cards", too. Starting small (like <90 minutes of playing time each featuring NPCs, plot hooks, and monster stats), let's cook up a half-dozen ideas each and then let them fall out on the table randomly if they make sense.

    For example, we've got to take some time to investigate what the hell happened at Skull Manor. I have the feeling we haven't seen the last of Spunky. Someone could make a sub-plot or subgame about that? Where are all the Augur's Towers located in the Badlands? recap. Extended lightning round, with each of the GMs trading as the narrator as we go around the table in week-to-week format. We stop when we run out of time and every player has had the same number of "rounds".

  3. I actually have an idea for an encounter hook for Amicus that might fit well with this.

    I also have another thought. Murderface wants Rageburg (I had literally forgotten all about the place). But it might take a little bit of finesse to finagle my way to run the place, so Murderface has a cunning, subtle plan. They are all berserkers, and thereby worshippers of Woden, and thus, REALLY big enemies of the clergy of Bor. My subtle plan, in order to get in on the good graces of the place, is to kidnap a cleric/priest/paladin of Bor. But it can't be just some wussy 1st level cleric taken off the street, no. It's got to be somebody they'd know, or at least know of. Taking a member of the clergy of Bor into the place, so he can be presented to the cleric of Woden will allow Murderface to make a challenge for the leadership of the group.

    1. I could run this adventure. there is the Antonious Monastery where GAIUS ANTONIUS OCTAVIUS retired. That old cleric of Law represents a bulwark against the Rage of the old gods.

      Bring him to Rageburg and you will be king!

    2. Oddly enough, that is EXACTLY who I had in mind for this. It was Gaius Antonius Octavius, and his dog handler/trainer Fabio. He had a figurine of wonderous power-war dog, and a shit-ton of war dogs. And, if I recall right, he was good friends, and close neighbors, with the wizard Apollo Septimus Augustus.

      Oh, I forgot the CLEVER part of my plan, which will tie our plans for provoking a war between Portchester and the Old Ones. Before we kidnap this guy, we need to lay hands on the corpses of a BUNCH of dead orcs (and maybe some Old One uniform/weapon scraps). There's a peace treaty between the Old Ones and Portchester, and a number of orcs/old ones beyond a certain number (which eludes me right now) that trespasses into Portchester territory will cause the treaty to be voided. What we do is sneak into Portchester territory, take Octavius (as well as the bodies of any humans there, so they can't be magically questioned) and murder EVERYTHING else (absolutely no survivors, not even dogs), loot that shit, scatter orcish bodies around with orcish weapons to cover our tracks (with Decius to use his tracking to cover stuff up), then sneak back into the badlands and back down to Rageburg. When the authorities arrive, they'll see the Old Ones have attacked a beloved member of the Church of Bor, and retaliate.

  4. Two Sticky Wickets: The Old Ones have been caught breaking the treaty several times, and the one King of Portchester is all for war. However, the second King is always chosen War King by the Augury and refuses to start a war.

    Second, if Murderface delivers Antonius to Rageburg, how are you going to blame it on the Old Ones? Are you counting on berserkers to keep their mouths shut and be discrete?

  5. IMHO the easier plan is to get the Old Ones to attack Port Chester.

  6. Blast, a perfectly convoluted and overly complicated plan RUINED by simple facts.

  7. The Cheesemaker moved to the top of my hit list. One way or another I intend to either have him withdraw charges, or he dies. Ideally, both.

  8. he needs to have some good cheese spells in his repetoire

    ground to cottage cheese reduces movement speed to 25% of normal in a certain tile size
    his real name is queso soze

  9. I've added a "Cheese Master" to the NPC deck.