Thursday, November 6, 2014

Session 29 Action Shots

The Skull Collectors first descend into the ruins of the Bascillica of Noviodunum in search of the lost Rod of Castor. They are met by a legion of the damned.

Later, the Skull Collectors fight a unit of winged demons. Unfortunately, the trap sprung by Murderface Jack does the most damage to the party.


  1. Hey, Murderface has suffered enough. He got fire-balled in that last fight, and lost a perfectly good halfling cook (under 'mysterious circumstances') as well.

  2. Actually, the more I thought about the random NPC thing Dave pulled on me, the more Bosco Bourdain made sense. I mean, Dengwur was, if memory serves me right, big into the good life. Fancy clothes, fancy hats, excellent wine, and good food. Find out the best chef is in town? Kidnap his ass for when you get turned back into one of the living so he can make delicious stuff for you.