Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Message For Khan Parsnak III from Publius Fulminator Amicus, Prelate of Yoesville

Most Honored Khan Parsnak,

I hope this message finds you well. Please accept the 1,000 gp worth of lavish gifts my messenger has delivered. As you might know, the blight of Lucius Bastardo and his rule of banditry have fallen to your North. I am now in command of the domain he once ruled, which is now renamed Yoesville in honor of my patron deity - Mighty Jupiter. I am in the process of rebuilding my forces and I have a need for brave and noble horsemen such as your people to fill the ranks of my cavalry. I anticipate trouble from our East shortly, so I require your help. Specifically, I would ask your permission to hire mercenaries from throughout your mighty domain over the span of the next 18 months. I would be open to negotiations and treaty discussions, but I'm afraid that I would be very disappointed if you refuse my reasonable request. I await your response.


So, basically I want to be able to hire more mercenaries from another domain as outlined in the new ACKS Domains at War section. I should be able to put together some light cavalry units (and perhaps more infantry as well) just by being allowed to recruit within his domain. I'll need to know a domain size, and the number families within it to calculate how much it costs and how many mercenaries I can "harvest". I can only do that with the Khan's full cooperation.


  1. I would say he's favorably disposed towards you (a +2 to your reaction roll). However, I don't know if Dave has domain stats for the Therks there, and I'm vaguely recalling the Therk kingdom being allied in some way with Dengwur's forces (not that this would entirely stop the hiring process).

  2. I'd think the Therks ally with him out of fear. Maybe if they thought we were strong enough to take on Dengur...