Thursday, October 23, 2014

rewcon - my very own Mini-Convention

With new home comes great responsibility -- to game in the basement. Early in the new year, I hope to celebrate my 44th birthday with a sort of mini-convention. I would like to have all my gaming friends (past and present) by and have a rolling schedule of games to play and enjoy. Maybe we'll even do some dinner? However, I'm looking for ideas for games that folks will try out or even run for folks who may or may not be strangers.

Since it is my convention, I want to run Blood Bowl. This has long been my most favorite wargame, and I would love to start a league back up. It is so cheap to put together an army (team), the rules are free, and all you need is a board. I want to showcase this game first.

I've also had a LARP ruleset that I've been toying with. I don't want to play a LARP game necessarily, but I would like to take an hour or two to try out the system. But that won't take long.

Should we schedule a huge battle from our ACKS campaign that weekend? Maybe we can have some help fielding units of bad/good guys in a pitched miniatures wargame battle? Bob, do you have any boardgames we might wrap the night up with?

Comment below, please.


  1. I'm thinking of working up a skirmish system, and am thinking of a Nick Fury vs. Dracula scenario that might be fun

  2. I actually have a Blood Bowl set from like the mid 80's, complete with one unpainted team and one team of painted dark elves, that I have given away twice, received back twice, and have hauled from one end of the country to the others. I think I've never actually played a real game of it (at least not completely sober), so you've got more Blood Bowl stuff available. I've always wanted to paint up a Blood Bowl ogre like the Steelers for my brother in law for Christmas.

    I know one that'd be funny, is the 'Dinosaurs vs. Army Men' system from the old Dragon Magazine. It's a miniatures battle system specifically for using those crappy plastic dinosaurs and those green army men.

  3. i dont think my previous comments got posted so ill try again
    if your turning this into a house warming / birthday party type deal with miniatures and assuming WAGs (wives and girlfriends) are invited the wife and i can make up some trays of food to bring along, she does make a really good peanut butter fudge, also if you need any help with the organising it's an area of expertise for me

  4. yeah we got two kids here, 14 and 17, but i ever so highly doubt we would be able to drag them away from world of warcraft i managed to get the 14 year old interested in a couple of first person shooter games but i already know they wouldnt want to go

  5. Yeah. That is much more young adult than kids.

  6. both of the boys are autistic though, the 17 year old loves playing with transformers and stuff like that
    there is a new expansion coming out for world of warcraft sometime in december and for the last 4 months the 14 year old has been talking nothing about test server patch notes and changes to the game he's a bit obsessive compulsive,
    but they are great kids

  7. Cool! I didn't know that! So they are rabid ONLINE gamers, then? Do you play any online games with them? WoW? Minecraft? It sounds like tabletop RPGs aren't their thing.

    I asked because it occurred to me that maybe we could even make a game or two for younger players to participate.

  8. nah table top rpg's arent their cup of tea
    definite online gaming
    and yes the wife and i used to play wow with them but we quit playing wow about 6 months ago