Wednesday, October 8, 2014


On November 8th, I'm planning to take a day-trip to the "FALL-IN" historical miniatures convention in Lancaster.   If anyone is interested in joining me, let me know and we can confab about pre-registering.

Downside of Pre-registering:   if you have to pay the whole weekend rate, which runs to about $45.  I think the one-day visitor rate is less expensive, but you can't do it ahead of time.

Upside of Pre-registering:  you can be sure of getting into the game event you want to do, and you avoid the long registration line (can save you up to an hour in some cases).

I've had fun at all the game events I've gone to in the past, and the shopping for miniatures opportunities are pretty cool, there's a large dealer hall.

Let me know if anyone's interested.

Dave N


  1. I had an awesome time last year (and Dave and I *ruled* at being Roman senators, BTW) but I just can't wrap my head around spending $45 to play games.

    Here's my idea. I'm moving into a new house. How about if I host my OWN convention where I invite all my gaming friends I've ever known to stop by and play some drop-in games for an afternoon into an evening. Who's with me?

  2. im in, my wife wants me out of the house so she can get some peace and quiet

  3. That actually sounds awesome, I've sort of gone wobbly on the Fall-In thing anyway.