Monday, October 6, 2014

The Portchester Temple Caper

Here is a nutty photo of the Skull Collectors looting the Portchester Temple vault. The hydra summoned by Tiberio fights off some animated statuary while Rotwang under the power of a growth spell (and turned green like the hulk!) fights the Ghost of St. Josey Wales. Behind them the Masked Archer engages an avenging angel of Bor, and the parked dwarven mole machine sits once its work is done. To the left Rinaldo drives off the Ghost of St. Chisum and Portchester sharpshooters (represented by Celts?!?) run down the stairs in the foreground to join the fight.


  1. Great battle pic! We slapped the livin' "Bor" outta 'em!

  2. Honestly, the adventure didn't quite turn out as nifty as I had originally planned. I think if I had stretched it out to two sessions, it would've been better.

    We should get Dave to do up a couple of Bosco Smokey's reports. One for Bastardville falling and one for this.

  3. depending on what the bosco smokey report says of the hijinx the chateau ver de fleur wine house's somellier monsieur Bordeaux Ver De Fleur will start releasing a wine magazine