Monday, September 30, 2013

What's the plan?

So what was the plan moving forward?  Was the plan to move into level 1 of Skull Mountain?  Were you going to search around the neighborhood for a lair?   Buy masks?  I was going to suggest that you could send Jebbly and Robert's new guy into town for supplies, but Jebbly can't talk and Robert's guy is a freaking LIZARDMAN. 

I was hoping someone would have taken Presfen's Journal to read through and comment to others on, but you left it here.  I suppose I could try to scan it.


  1. I looked over the journal, but since I've had kind of a track record for losing stuff like that, I decided to leave it behind.

    We could wander to some of the other small towns in the area to buy/sell stuff. Badaxe Hold might have weapons and armor, Bosco Crossing might have food., Stingy Jack's Hold has, what, dirt or whatever it is they do there.

    For me, personally, I'd love to work our way down through the skull. I've never actually cleared an entire dungeon before, top to bottom.

    Our biggest problem, at the moment, is healing. With Robert's character dead, and the surgeon guy sucking so much ass we should name him Donkey Leech, it's going to take a long, long time to heal between gnarly battles. The only thing Donkey Leech has been good for is those couple of times we rested for extended periods (2D3 per day rested with him is nothing to sneeze at, with our current levels).

  2. I like the idea of hanging around skull mountain. Maybe we start the next game with us returning from a run to Bosco's crossing or another nearby town to sell stuff and buy rations and recruit healers.