Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chuck's E-Mail Must be Posted

Well, there seems to be an overwhelming message here ...

-- >> (Somebody) will probably hire bounty hunters to hunt them down and kill them << --

Hence, here are some thoughts I have arrived at !

#1 Flee to some far off land and wait for the bounty hunters to find us !
#2 Hang out at peaches till the bounty hunters find us !
#3 Head back to our new fortified base of operations and wait for the bounty hunters to find us !
#4 Head back to skull mountain and throw ourselves at the mercy of Presfan to work with him ...
and wait for the bounty hunters to find us !

Or ... the coolest option ....

Go back to Skull Mountain, Totally KICK Presfan's ASS and make him our bitch ! Loot the hell outta
Skull Mountain, and buy our own group of brigands to help loot the mountain and surrounding areas!

-- And Kick the CRAP outta any bounty hunter stooooopid enough to come after our new gang ...
The Skull Collectors ! We need to decorate the outside of the mountain with some skulls,
that will give the place a more homey feel !

-- As far as what to do with the princess Athalwyn,
... I say we let her go, a good story always needs a good Antagonist !
However, she needs to promise (LoL) to send us the 1,000gp she owes us.
Then she will need not worry about us coming after her, OR hiring bounty hunters to kill her !
As well, as send her off with the threat of having Rotwang implant his seed in her !
-- O yeah, and she must accept the death of her brother as ware guild for the besmirching
of THE ONE (brother Punchy) and his God CHUCK NORRIS !!!

Or perhaps she would like to be the second skull placed upon the entrance to Skull Mountain ???

WHAT SAY YOU !!! I think we got a plan !

O yes, and Brother Punchy has a new punch line ...
-- The price you pay, for besmirching the name of Chuck Norris, is, I collect your FRICKIN head, just like this F#$&ker here !


The One, Brother Punchy
of the The Skull Collectors !
Faithful follower of the mighty Chuck Norris !


  1. I don't think we ever even considered just letting her go. This looks like a good plan.

  2. I don't think Rotwang is going to let her go. With 6 Charisma, might be the only woman he can get.

  3. if there is a memory spell
    lets get presfen to wipe her memory drop her off somewhere then kill presfen