Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Newspaper

I'm going to start up the Campaign Newspaper again.  You know, where I give "in-game" reports about what the world's NPC's have heard or know about what the PC's are up to.

I've got a few ideas for titles:

"The Portchester News-Ledger"  this was the title in the last campaign, I suppose we could keep it going, but I thought we might consider a change.

"Boscovania News and Funk Report, by Bosco Smokey"  get the news from a Boscovania perspective.

"Bad News from the Badlands"  Bad News everyone?

"The Jebbly Journal"--news from the Henchman perspective (or this could be a recurring column in the main paper.

Opinions? Better Ideas? Suggestions?

Also, should I "publish" it primarily on this site, or continue to attach it as an e-mail?


  1. I'd go with Boscovania News and Funk Report.

    If our main base was still in Portchester, I'd say the Portchester News-Ledger, but since we're based in the Badlands right now, I like the Bosco Smokey option.

  2. Also, it'd be a nifty as a side thing, something in addition to the standard log.

    A column by a regular henchmen would be ripe for humor, including the 'special guest writer' when the henchmen writing it dies off.

  3. Want a special page for it? Something fancy?

  4. Want a special page for it? Something fancy?

  5. No, I'm thinking that it would be a good way to get more content on this page. Otherwise, I'd just want to e-mail it.

  6. I really enjoyed the various incarnations of the news.