Monday, September 2, 2013

The Cast-offs

All 12 of our cast-off characters from the roll-up session have now entered the first level henchman deck:

Bloody-Nose: orkin thug
Bobby the Broken Bard
Toki Wartooth:  elf ranger
Zaphandle:  human warlock
Grug Ug:  orkin hexmaster
Ball Sacker: gnome titan
Pete McTesty:  gnome titan
Tantus, fleet of foot:  lackey
Cracky the Lackey
Bluto the Lackey
Brutus the Lackey
Smiley Bob:  human venturer


  1. Actually, I meant to say that I found most of them to be reasonably playable characters, the exceptions being my 2 throw-aways; Brutus the Lackey and Bluto the Lackey. I think a CON -2 is just a PC killer

  2. whats the rules on having henchmen do they need to be paid ? do they gain XP at the same rate as our main characters etc ?

  3. It takes time in town and some expense money to hire them. Then they get a monthly salary based on their level. When they participate in an adventure, they get a half share of monster experience, and a share of the treasure equal to 15% of what a player character would get. Most of the figures can be found in the Gear Book, which you can download from the Gatavia III wiki.

  4. clearly being a wonder worker i can get disciples who work for free