Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thinking about Fall-In this year

I'm thinking about going to the Historical Miniatures convention "Fall-In" this year.  It's going to be in Lancaster.

I had gone to 3-4 of the other conventions over the last 12 years or so, but haven't gone for a number of years now.

In the past I've gone for only a single day, and mostly just went to buy things at the dealer's hall.   Once I played in the "Warhammer Ancient Battles" tournament (and came in last, well it was the first time I had actually played the game, and I nearly won one of the three matches).  I did learn not to do that sort of thing, since I had to bring my own army, and it was a major pain in the ass schlepping it around.  

This time, I might consider signing up and playing some Game-Mastered games (where the dumb game-master brings the armies, and the players just show up and play). 

It's going to be November 15th or thereabouts.   Admission is rather steep, but what are you going to do?   Here's the info site:  Fall-In 2013

The amount of stuff in the dealer room is pretty dang impressive.  I might even wander through the flea market where non-dealers sell their old stuff.


  1. That sounds like fun.

  2. If we want to make a day of it, my office is in Lancaster. If the powers that be agree, we could even retire to Intel Lancaster HQ and play a slew of board games ourselves and drink a beer or two before returning home. Who's with me?

    Bob, I know you are there!

  3. That does sound pretty good. Haven't been to a game convention in eons.

  4. I'm starting to get more and more eager about this. The pre-registration doesn't begin until the end of the month, so we have time before any decisions. I'm almost ready to re-activate my membership in the Historical Miniatures club that runs it.

  5. How many armies do you have? I would play too but I am kind of light on historical minis.

    Look at it this way -- at least you'll beat me. Right?

  6. If we avoid the "tournaments", and sign up for game-mastered games, we don't need to bring our own miniatures to the Convention. The game-master brings the miniatures and terrain and sets it up. We just show up and play. (The game-master gets free admission to the convention in return).

    If we wanted to join the Warhammer Ancients Tournament (which I don't), I could theoretically supply all 4 of us with armies (Saxon, Late Roman, Gothic-Lombard, Romano-British, maybe Irish-Pictish) But, I don't have the latest edition of WH-Ancients, and am not interested in plunking down the pile of money to do that.

    I'm more interested in seeing what other people are playing and maybe trying a new rule set or two, and spending some time buying stuff, rather than being roped into tournament play all day.